PinkMare’s House

I love PinkMare’s House and if you love goth/dolly fashion, so will you.  Every day, TressAnn Decosta puts a different outfit in her Midnight Mania and/or Lucky Chair.  Well, maybe she doesn’t change ’em out every day, but it sure seems like it.  Plus, if you’re short on lindens, you’ve got to check her prices.  They are so reasonable!  Look at a couple outfits that were in the Midnight Mania on consecutive nights this week, plus another one I picked up for less than a L$100.

Isn’t this one fun?  It’s called Rosary and comes with the hat and the chunky cross necklace.  The textures are nice and shiny, too.  I love how the look fell together with this new hair from Emo-tions that will be available as a group gift tomorrow.  Big Curly Hair! Yum!  Here’s another view of the dress; the skirt is so big and floofy that it was hard to fit in one composite. 🙂

I’m wearing Dilly Dolls new Stella Dolly pumps; this is version II that comes with the color-change scrunched socks.  TressAnn was wearing this at her store with black combat boots and the look was even cuter, but I didn’t want to jack her style. lol

This one is called Devotions and came with the hat and the doll key (that turns!).  The white heart in the center of the key glows, but I edited it to turn off the glow for the photos.  I’m wearing the matching Devotion boots, which are sold separately.  Love this so much!   Thanks, TressAnn!  Isn’t the hair cute?  It’s a new style from ploom released this week called Penelo.  I love when Helyanwe does styles like this – stuff you don’t see *everywhere* else.  Am I right?

This outfit I thought was too damned cute and bought while hitting PinkMare’s Midnight Mania board.  Oh, TressAnn usually has boxes with items on special sale lying around, too.  I think I paid L$99 for it, but it may very well have been on sale for less.  It comes with the hat, lace choker, spattered blood tattoo, and the stuffed bunny with holding animation.  If you want to be a demented dolly, PinkMare’s House is a great place to shop!  Did you notice that every outfit I’m showing you comes with extra pieces – hats, jewelry, stuffed creatures?  That’s the case in almost everything sold at PinkMare’s.    And if you like rag doll avatars, she has quite a few of them, too.  So, get your little goth/dolly butts on over to PinkMare’s House and grab yourself some awesome fashions at bargain prices.


No. 1:

Outfit – PinkMare’s House – Rosary

Skin – Nomine – Papillon – China – Car Crash

Hair – Emo-tions – Teresa – Naturals (group gift – available Saturday)

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Stella Dollies II – Dark Pack

Hairbase Tattoo by Amacci

Elfin Ears by Illusions

Eyes by House of Ruin

No. 2:

Outfit – PinkMare’s House – Devotions (with hat and key)

Boots – PinkMare’s House – Devotion Boots

Hair – ploom – Penelo – Streaked Silver (new)

No. 3:

Outfit – PinkMare’s House – Dark Love

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Stella Dollies II – Dark Pack

Hair – ploom – Antonia – Coal


2 thoughts on “PinkMare’s House

  1. TressAnn is a very talented designer with a great eye and vision of dark attires. She is very determined and works hard all the time. All her clothes and dolls are inexpensive too! so if your a thrifty noob and into the goth scene then check out here store!!

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