+ezura+ VIP Gifts and New Willow Dresses

I can’t believe I’ve never blogged +ezura+ before.  I mean, it’s a goth clothing store, and I’m primarily a goth clothing blogger.  Duh!  Well, this post will remedy that failing of mine.  If you’re a member of +ezura+’s VIP group, you probably already know about the gorgeous group gifts that are available right now.  If you’re not a member, you may drool and wish you could have them.  Unfortunately, the group is closed until the gifts are removed.  *But* maybe you’ll think about joining the group, especially now that you have 42 spaces to fill, right?  Ezura is giving away a special color of the new release Willow gown with three skirt options plus matching pumps to her VIP group.  Look at this beautiful dress!

It’s a lovely midnight blue, isn’t it?  It comes with three skirt options – the ero (for erotic) skirt shown above, as well as the skirts shown below.

Left to right, there’s the full gown skirt, the split (or slit?) skirt, and the sheer skirt, which is almost as erotic as the ero skirt, I think.  Now, the choker is not included with the gown.  It’s the Crepuscule choker from LouLou&Co that I blogged yesterday.  So, isn’t that a wonderful gift from Ms. Ezura?  You’d think that would be enough, right?  But no!  There’s also a VIP group only lucky board that has the miniskirt version of this dress.  Here’s a quick shot of it for you.

By the way, the hair worn in this post is new from ploom.  It’s called Olivia and comes with both streaked and unstreaked versions in the pack.  The streaks are chosen via HUD and include every color in the ploom palette.  (I love that HUD!)  The skin I’m wearing is from Nomine, just like yesterday’s post.  Go get you some L$100 single makeups or L$350 packs of 5 skins before Munch comes to her senses and puts the prices back up!

+ezura+ also released the Willow gown in several other jewel-toned colors, including emerald green and black, but I’m going to show you the lovely teal.

You can buy the dress in one of two ways.  The options shown above are from the Mini and Ero set, named for the two types of skirts included.  If you prefer, you can choose the gown set, shown below.

Just as with the VIP group gift, the Willow Gown set comes with a sheer skirt, a full gown skirt, and a split (or slit) skirt.  I’m wearing Violent Seduction’s new boots once again here – these are the Esther Boots in Death (black).  They give the gowns a bit of edge, dontcha think?

Well, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope your computer’s graphics are good enough to appreciate the quality of the texturing on these dresses.  They are truly stunning, and I will be visiting +ezura+ more often from now on, I guarantee.  Thanks, Ezura!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress – +ezura+ – VIP 2nd Anniversary Gown

Shoes – +ezura+ – 2nd Anniversary VIP Gift Shoes

Skin – Nomine – Papillon – China – Opiate Morphine

Choker – LouLou&Co – Crepuscule Choker V1

Hair – ploom – Olivia – Streaked – Midnight (new!)

Elfin Ears by Illusions

Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin

No. 2:

Dress – +ezura+ – 2nd Anniversary VIP Lucky Board Dress

No. 3:

Dress – +ezura+ – Willow Lady – Teal Mini + Ero Set

Hair – ploom – Olivia – Streaked – Coal

Skin – Nomine – Papillon – China – Aftermath Wasteland

Boots – Violent Seduction – Esther Boots – Death

No. 4:

Gown – +ezura+ –  Willow Lady Teal Gown Set


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