Hump Day Happiness Deals & A Few Freebies

I haven’t blogged in a few days as I had to get back to RL work, but I managed to jump in my photo studio last night and tonight and have some stuff to show you.  I’ll probably split it into two posts, actually.  Tonight, I’ll show you the most time sensitive ones – a couple of Hump Day Happiness sale items from Violent Seduction and Lolapop!  So, here goes….

The dress I’m wearing is from Whatevr, a store I just adore.  This is the Baby Jane Dress, which I’ve blogged before in other colors, but those garters are just to die for!  I think I have this dress in every color!  I really just wanted to show you the HDH items, but this dress goes well with everything. So, notice the little crown?  That’s the HDH item from Violent Seduction – the Polka Dot Spindle Crown.  [edited here: Ooops I made a mistake.  The crown I’m wearing, which is scripted, is not the HDH item.  The HDH crown is like this one, but it’s unscripted, and only comes in black!] It’s scripted for resize and color change into 5 Violent Seduction colors, like blood (red), death (black), suffering (blue), envy (green), and coagulate (purple).  At least I think those are the right colors for the names. lol  It’s a limited edition crown, only available today.  So, go get it! [edit again – just to say, this is true.  The black one is a limited edition, only for HDH.  Not sure if it’s still out, but if it is, now you know. *bashful face*]

The other HDH item is the necklace, which also comes with earrings (not shown).  You can get either the white/black and lilac or the green and orange sets for the low HDH price of L$69.  The skin I’m wearing above is from The Plastik – it’s the Serial Killer Hunt Gift.  It’s the Lionheart Pale skin in a new makeup called (appropriately) Serial Killer.  It comes with and without cleavage and with and without freckles.  It also comes with matching Elven Ears and a fatpack of Bloodless Eyes in 8 colors with prim attachments.  Nice gift!!  I’m wearing the silver eyes above.  Finally, the cool boots are from Demotik and were either a Midnight Mania or Lucky Board prize recently.  They come with a HUD to easily change the color of your toenail polish and to match your skin tone.

Here are some closeups of the Violent Seduction Crown and the rest of the Lolapop necklaces (don’t forget they come with matching earrings (not worn)).  Don’t forget to click to make the picture ginormous, too. 🙂

Left to right, I’m wearing the Lucretia necklaces in the lilac, the orange, and the green. (duh, huh?)  I’ve also changed the crown to match a bit, and to show you some of the other colors.  Oh, another free skin from The Plastik!  It’s the Happy Holidays Hunt gift and includes Lionheart skins in this golden makeup called 24 carat in 6 tones with matching elf ears.   You also get the golden eyes with prims attachments.  My inventory is bursting at the seams with free items from The Plastik right now! Get yours!

Well, I will probably not blog the other items I photographed tonight.  I have a few things I need to do for my RL work, so I’ll see you all again tomorrow with some more nifty items from Violent Seduction.  *mwah*!

Happy hunting, gathering, etc…..


No. 1:

Dress – Whatevr – Baby Jane Dress – Rage

Skin and Elf Ears – The Plastik – Serial Killer Hunt prize – Lionheart – Pale Cleavage – Serial Killer

Eyes – The Plastik – Bloodless Eyes collection  (Serial Killer Hunt Prize) – Bloodless Silver with prim eye attachments

Crown – Violent Seduction – Polka Dot Spindle Crown (HDH special)

Necklace – Lolapop! – Lucretia – White/Black (HDH special)

Boots – Demotik – Spinal Tap Booties – Black – Harleyquin

Hair – TRUTH – Courtney – Streaked Pearl

No. 2:

Top – +++Blue Blood+++ – Cassis – Whitegoth Purple

Skin with Elf Ears – The Plastik – Lionheart – Myth – 24 Carat (for Happy Holidays Hunt)

Eyes – The Plastik – Vae Collection – Beam (with prim attachments) (also part of Happy Holidays Hunt prize)


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