Dilly Dolls Kalista and Awesome Group Gifts from The Plastik

Dilly Dolls’ latest release comes with fairy wings – two different types each with or without glow (that makes four pairs of wings)!  The colors of the dresses are the typically gorgeous jewel-tones that Oriana Kuhr does so well.  Here’s the teal version of Kalista.

The hair has been extensively blogged, I’m sure.  It was the subscribo group gift from Exile for Christmas – Artemis in Angel Dust.  It has the cute halo and glowy particles.  I’m also showing you all four wing styles.  Basically the wings come with and without little stars and with and without glow.  The skin I’m quite happy about – it’s part of a humongous folder of goodies that was given to group members of The Plastik.  Join now and check the notices.  It includes this skin in all tones (this is the lightest – Myth) with matching elf ears.  The folder also includes a fatpack of Frozen Soul eyes; I’m wearing Ice here.  And that’s just a tiny portion of the gifts inside.  There are also several dresses/outfits, including some stuff for guys, I believe.  Honestly, I still haven’t opened everything!

But, back to Kalista.  Here are all the other beautiful colors.

I love that blue!  Next to it is the pink, the green, and the brown.  I really think Dilly Dolls makes the only brown that I consider beautiful.  With each dress above, I’m wearing a new release from Lolapop! – the Lucretia necklaces in matching colors.  They really match the Dilly Dolls’ dresses perfectly.  The necklaces also come with coordinating earrings, which did not work with my elf ears.  Lucretia comes in teal, yellow, purple, black, blue, pink, red, and a special mini mania color (black with pink/purple).  Here are the remaining three colors of Kalista – red, purple, and black.

How about that cute hair?!  It’s the New Year’s gift from Magika, just released.  You can’t tell from my pics, but it sparkles!  It’s called Glitter Aina.  Also, I’m wearing the same skin, but I’ve added different eye makeup on the tattoo layer to hide the teal shadow.  It’s the group gift from Modavia and Miamai, the Dark Eyes Makeups.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress with Wings – Dilly Dolls – Kalista – Teal

Hair – Exile – Artemis – Angel Dust (gift)

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Buckled Dolly Pumps II Dark

Skin & Elven Ears – The Plastik – Lionheart – Myth – Ice Queen (group gift)

Eyes – The Plastik – Frozen Soul – Ice (group gift fatpack)

Lashes by Amacci

Other Colors of Kalista:

Hair – Magika – Glitter Aina (New Year’s gift)

Eye Makeup – Miamai at Modavia – Dark Eyes Makeups – Modavia Exclusive Group Gift – Dark Eyes 01 (tattoo layer)

Necklaces – Lolapop! – Lucretia

Eyes by House of Ruin


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