Violent Seduction is Back!

Yes, Violent Seduction has returned, the caution tape is down, and the store is open for business once again!  I cannot tell you how happy I am about that. 🙂  What’s more, there is a new release – Alchemy in 6 colors.  Let’s start perusing the pics, shall we?  I have a bunch for you.

This is Alchemy in Coagulate (purple).  It’s a fantastic outfit to mark the store’s return – it comes with two different skirts, and can be worn without the skirts as a shorts outfit.  The top options are shown above.  You can also wear the corset without the white short top if you want to bare your girls.  Let’s see more colors.

This is Alchemy in Pure (white).  The hair in this picture and the previous one is by ploom – the latest release – Sysca and Sysca II.  Sysca features a side parted style with a sweep across the eyes gathered into a ponytail of knotted hair.  It comes with ploom’s wonderful HUD to change your streaks to any of ploom’s colors.  The hair in the second picture is Sysca II, a sexy do that provocatively covers your eyes with a sweep of hair.  It also comes with streak options.  These do’s feature some new textures from Helyanwe.  She’s tweaked them a little, and the effect is even better (if that’s possible, given the perfection of her hair textures).  I have to mention these boots, too.  OMG!  These boots are delicious!  They’re from YS & YS – who the hell knew they made shoes??  Not me!  But they are the smexy!  Ok, I digress horribly…. let’s see more of Alchemy, which is also damned smexy!

I love, love, love Violent Seduction’s pink.  You can also see the shorts version with the belt in the bottom picture.  Oh, the belt features cute little doodads, including a glass bottle and colorful hearts.  More pictures!

Here’s Alchemy in Suffering (teal), worn with the skirt without the belt, which is a bit sleeker.  I’m also wearing the sexy new Storm and Wonder Collar from [Virtual/Insanity].  It features crosses hanging from the collar on chains.  Very nice!  More pictures!

The yummy black Alchemy in Death is probably my favorite.  I had to embellish it even more with this cool leg band called “V For…” from [Virtual/Insanity].  It has tons of doodads that every vengeful woman needs to take out her enemies, including a list of said enemies, a knife, handcuffs, and keys (probably skeleton keys lol).  The Flashlights & Nightmares Collar is another new one from [V/I].  I’ll have to post it again coz it’s hard to see all the cool spikes under my lovely ploom hair.  Trust me – it’s awesome. 🙂

Last, but not least, is Alchemy in Fawn.  Since this is the only warm color of the bunch, I changed my shoes and haircolor.

These boots are the latest release from Gospel Voom – one of my favorite shoemakers.  These are still on special on the Marketplace.  Follow the link below.  I rarely wear brown hair (probably because that’s my original RL haircolor), but ploom may change my mind.  This brown is hot!  Well, I hope you enjoyed my long, long post.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Dress – Violent Seduction – Alchemy

Hair – ploom – Sysca and Sysca II

Boots – YS & YS – Tiburon – Black

Skin – LAQ – Mima (Pale) Glow Skin (various makeups)

Collar – [Virtual/Insanity] – Storm & Wonder Collar

Collar – [Virtual/Insanity] – Flashlights & Nightmares Collar

Legband – [Virtual/Insanity] – V For… Legband

Boots – [Gos] – GTFO Boots in Stone – Buy it here

Lashes and Hairbase by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin


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