RFyre’s Andria is Post No. 301!

I totally forgot to mention that my last post was Numbah 300!   I never thought when I started blogging back in March, 2009, that I would reach this number.  But enough of that, let’s talk about RFyre’s latest release for women – the Andria outfit.  It’s a sexy, strappy leather ensemble that comes with more pieces than you’ll know what to do with.  I’m going to show you just a few of the wear options here.

The full outfit of Andria comes with 23 pieces, including the jeans, 5 tops, socks, studded leather belt, 2 thongs, 4 undershirts, including sheer and bra only, and the fur-trimmed jacket, with and without the scarf.  The Andria boots are also by RFyre and are sold separately.  You can also buy the jacket separately; it includes the top worn in the second picture from the left.  Not shown above are the lingerie options with these outfits – the bra, sheer tops, and thongs.  Here’s a closeup of the jacket.

In the smaller pictures above, I’m wearing a necklace that I love – it was a subscribo member gift from U&R Dogs.  Now, it’s only available to those who were subcribo member as of October 30.  It will be available for sale to everyone soon.  I can’t wait to see if it will come in silver.  Here’s another pic that shows the necklace better.  (Stop staring at mah bewbs! *wink*)

What you can’t see in the still photos is the shininess of the necklace and cross.  U&R Dogs makes some of the shiniest jewelry that I’ve found.  And I am certainly not talking about the dreaded “bling.” 🙂

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – House of RFyre – Andria Women’s Black Fur and Leather Ensemble

Boots – House of RFyre – Andria Women’s Black Ankle Boots

Skin – LAQ – Mima (Pale) 04 (hairbase)

Cleavage – LAQ – Cleavage Enhancer v2

Hair – ploom – Silen (Streaked) Coal

Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin


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