Oodles of Halloweeny Goodness

So sad, I am.  Tomorrow’s Halloween.  Whatever will I do with all those fantastic goth and scary outfits after that?  Oh, wait!  This is SL!  I can keep on wearing them all year round!  Hee hee.  So, boy, do I have some good stuff to show you!  I may have to break this post into two  parts.  Let’s begin, shall we?  First up is a great outfit from WhAtEvR! free in the Bad Blood sim Halloween hunt.  It’s called Baby Jane Ghost.

The outfit comes with the collar, dress, horns, and tail.  I’ve added a belt from an outfit from Patchwork Heart that I’ll show you further down.  The hair is one of two new styles released today by ploom – Silen.  I love the style.  I used to fix my daughters’ hair like this sometimes when they were younger.  The very front/top is pulled up into a ponytail that falls over the face.  The other style released today is Silen II which is similar except that the ponytail is pulled back.  I’m wearing the silver streaked with gray.  SL was being a complete butt pain today with things not rezzing properly, so I’m not 100% sure my hair is completely rezzed in the pics above, now that I’m really looking at it. (sigh)  Like the skin?  Keep reading!

There are other colors of Baby Jane on sale at WhAtEvR!   They don’t come with horns and the tail though.  I grabbed this black one.  You can see ploom’s Silen II hair below, as well.

Baby did a bad, bad thing….  😉  Don’t you love my skin?  It’s from LAQ!  Mallory Cowen has released two very pale goth skins just in time for Halloween.  OMG, I am in love with Mima!  She’s so glowy and sexy and goth!  The makeup worn above is the most extreme of the ten makeups – she’s covered in blood!  You can see less bloody makeups in the pics above and below.  And also, don’t you love the stockings on these dresses?  The o-ring garters are just so sexy.  The Eyes of Davy Jones necklace is free in Virtual Insanity’s ghost hunt, by the way.

This is a new release, specially priced for Halloween, at Patchwork Heart.  The dress comes with the belt and the boots!  I liked the belt so much that I wore it with Baby Jane Ghost dress above.  The dress comes with two types of stockings – the ones shown, as well as one with the left stocking the same height as the right.  The Into the Skull Bloom white jewelry is free in Virtual Insanity’s ghost hunt.  Love those!  Ok… one more to show you!

This dress is by Sn@tch and is the charity item for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation at Horror Fest.  Time is running out on that event though, so run fast if you haven’t been yet.  The skirt has a spider web overlay that Ivey has done a great job with.  As always, if the folder says Sn@tch, you know it’s going to be sexy!  You can’t see it too well, but in the right pic, I’m wearing Boom’s Aranel’s Wings Evil Edition Chained that was recently released.  You can probably see them better with the Ominous Baby Jane outfit above.  Well, that’s enough for one post.  I may post the LAQ Mima makeups next.  They really are gorgeous!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


No. 1:

Dress with Horns and Tail  – WhAtEvR – Baby Jane Ghost

Skin – LAQ – Mima – 08 (Pale) Glow skin

Cleavage – LAQ – Cleavage Enhancer v2

Hair – ploom – Silen – Streaked Silver

Rings & Nails – Virtual Insanity – Into the Skull Bloom Rings & Nails – Halloween Hunt Gift

Bangles – Virtual Insanity – Into the Skull Bloom  Bangles Set – White (Halloween Hunt)

Hairbase and Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin

Boots – Patchwork Heart – Tempting Tarten Boots (part of Terrifying Tartan Outfit – see below)

No. 2:

Dress – WhAtEvR – Baby Jane Dress Ominous

Boots – Rfyre – Andria Womens Black Ankle Boots (new)

Hair – ploom – Silen II – Streaked Coal

Wings – Boom – Aranel’s Wings – Evil Edition – Chained

Necklace – Virtual Insanity – The Eye of Davy Jones Necklace (store ghost hunt)

Skin – LAQ – Mima 09 (Pale) Glow Skin

No. 3:

Dress with Boots and Belt – Patchwork Heart – Terrifying Tartan

Skin – LAQ – Mina 03 (Pale) Glow skin (hairbase) (worn with Cleavage Enhancer v2)

Jewelry by Virtual Insanity

No. 4:

Dress – Sn@tch – Grave Matter

Skin – LAQ – Mima 08 (Pale) Glow Skin (worn with Cleavage Enhancer v2)Earrings – Eolande’s – Muerto Cameo Earrings (weekend L$60 special)

Hair – Exile – Dragonfly – Marble

Boots – katat0nik – Ruffle Witch Ankle Boots (dollarbie)

Wings by Boom

Necklace by Virtual Insanity


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