More Sale Items at Industry District

Hey, guys, I told you I’d be back.  This post will be a much shorter one.  I have only two really nice outfits to show you – both on sale at the Industry District’s Something Wicked This Way Comes sale event that runs through October 31st.  The first, as promised, is the halloweeny edition of Nightshade’s new Lethal dress in Rustic Pumpkin.

I *love* this color!  It’s not too bright of an orange, so you can wear it long after Halloween is over.  You can find it at Nightshade’s shop at Industry District here.  The boots were (are still?) on sale at G Field which was having a 50% off sale on select black and orange items.  I picked up a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I needed there, like these Emma Short Belt(ed) Boots.  I love G Field’s footwear so much!

Ok, next up is a cute as pie dress from PinkMare’s House – the Sweet Twisted Eve dress in this fun green stripe.

The dress also comes with a caged skirt on the system skirt layer (not shown); the horns and crown are also included.   You can find PinkMare’s shop at Industry District here.  It’s Saturday, so it’s mad-shopping day.  Have fun!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit 1:

Dress – Nightshade – Lethal – Rustic Pumpkin (see above for LM)

Necklace – UniQue – Spider Necklace silver (sent to Thrifty Goth Group members)

Boots – G Field – Short Belt Boots – Emma Black

Skin – Heartsick – Enchant – Reverie – Pumpkin Pie (Mid Cleavage/Beautymarks) (October L$50 special)

Piercing – U&R Dogs – Westphalia Lovelet – Silver

Earrings – U&R Dogs – Candide – Silver

Hair – Analog Dog – Tillie – Black

Outfit 2:

Dress with Horns and Crown – PinkMare’s House – Sweet Twisted Eve (see above for LM)

Boots – Drakke – Strapped Ankle Boots – Black

Skin – Heartsick – Enchant – Illusion – Emerald (Mid Cleavage/Beautymarks)

Skin Enhancer – Moonshadow Skins at A Netherworld – Swirly Eye Decoration (Rat Hunt prize)

Hair – Analog Dog – Mochi – Onyx

Jewelry – Virtual Insanity – Into the Skully Bloom

Manicure – Adam n Eve – Fantasy Drow Manicure – Evil

Tattoo – Endless Pain – Bats (Halloween freebie for Industry District Hunt – start location here)

Hairbase and Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin


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