Industry District Hunt Gifties

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Industry District is having a sale event through the 31st where various merchants have a special item on sale.  Also, the Industry District’s hunt began on the 20th and runs through the 31st as well.  You’ll have to start here and follow the clues to find the location of the prizes.  Here are some of the prizes you’ll find at the end of the hunt.

Beauty Killer has these three tee-shirts – my favorite of which I did not photograph very well.  It’s the one on the far right with skeleton hands cupping one’s “girls.”  Heh heh.  The cute batty tattoo is from Endless Pain; the Halloween Doll is from PinkMare’s House (of course); and two different stores have Halloween eyes – the orange eyes on the far left are from Calamity, and the two other colors (dark red and grey) are from Repulse.  The scarf is from Atypical, and the Birdy Skull Necklace is from Forsaken.   I’m wearing a non-free item from Wasabi Pills, also blogged previously.  It’s the sale item at their Industry District Store – the Dalasia hair with attached witch’s hat.  Each color pack of 5 or 6 colors is only L$75.  The skirt is by Sassy Kitty Designs and was one of the subscriber group gifts available recently on the carts around the store.  I’m almost positive that the event is over, though.  The skin is by Moonshadow Skins at A Netherworld and was the Woeful Wednesday L$50 item.  I’m a bit confused as to whether Moonshadow Skins involves the same creators as A Netherworld, but the skin is really nice, and came with shapes, too!   I have to say that I am quite impressed with the offerings from A Netherworld, and I’ll be showing you more stuff from that store in my next post.  Ok.. I’ll be back shortly!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


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