Oooo back-to-back posts – A Netherworld and Dilly Dolls’ Boots!

Yeah, I thought that Davinia deserved her own post, so I didn’t include Dilly Dolls’ new boots.  Plus, footwear is totally unnecessary with that dress because of the tight sculpted skirt.  So, this post will feature Dilly Dolls’ new Shrew Boots, as well as a dress that’s available at Horror Fest from A Netherworld.

There are three different types of Shrew Boots – the Shrew Zipped Boots, the Shrew in dark colors, and the Shrew in Light colors.  The regular Shrew boots feature one zipper, while the Zipped ones have several zippers around the boot.  They’re my favorite. 🙂  All three boots are color change and resizeable either by HUD or by touch.  So, you can remove the scripts from the boots if you’d like and just use the HUD.  Each boot set has 8 different colors to choose from.

I’m wearing Heartsick’s special skin for one of  the weekend sale events – the Luna skin, which comes with the elfie ears and two hairbases – blonde or black.  Purty!  The necklace is from Lolapop! – the Dark Embrace necklace, which is only L$100 and comes with both women’s and men’s version in the folder.  The gloves have little rose vines with thorns on them and are quite lovely.  I picked them up at Forest Feast’s shop at the Petit Pas Mall.  Forest Feast is most famous for their gorgeous trees and plants.  The gloves in three colors are only L$20 a pair.   The hair is from Boon – love the haute couture messiness of the tresses!  Ok.  More pictures!

I love this look.  It looks I took the pics in black and white, doesn’t it?  Nope.  This is exactly how I looked inworld.  This is A Netherworld’s Spooky Ruffle dress in black.  The awesome bangle is a Gacha item from Virtual Insanity at the FTLO (For the Love of) Halloween event at Gleaming Waters.  Ok.  Now for the colors of the Spooky Ruffle Dress.

Guess what happened while I was photographing the Spooky Ruffle dresses?  SL crashed on me.  Then it wouldn’t let me log back in to my home.  I kept getting sent to a “Safe Hub” and it wouldn’t let me TP anywhere else.  So, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and walked to the edge of the sim at the water’s edge and shot these pics.  lol  Oh, look at the Light Shrew Boots there on the right – they come in white!  I love white boots!  The other colors of this palette are very, very bright.  Totally non-goth and much more kawaii.  Oh, don’t forget to click the pics to see them larger!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Note – the items from Dilly Dolls and A Netherworld are only available at Horror Fest.  LMs given below are to the main stores.  Sorry. :/

Dress – A Netherworld – Spooky Ruffle Dress – black, purple, red, and blue

Hair – boon – PUN338 – blueblack

Boots – Dilly Dolls – Shrew Boots

Gloves – Forest Feast at Petit Pas Mall – Halloween Limited Edition Rose Gloves – Black

Bangles – Virtual Insanity – FTLO Gacha Bangles at Gleaming Waters

Skin, Ears & Hairbase – Heartsick – Luna (Cleavage/Beauty Mark)

Necklaces – Lolapop! – Dark Embrace Necklace – Women’s; and Join Me in Death in colors matching the dresses – only L$15 each!

Lashes by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin


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