Des Goes to the Jewelry Fair, Part Three

I think this will be my last Jewelry Fair post.  Just don’t forget that it ends on Sunday, so get on over there soon!  Today’s post features two of my favorite jewelers – one quite new to the scene and the other a long-time designer.  I’m pairing the jewelry once again with a sexy dollarbie outfit from Phoenix Rising.

Well, I am just a sucker for black and white jewelry, especially if there is a skully motif going on.  This set from Ripe is sure to be one of my new “go to” jewelry pieces.  It comes in several other colors; the red is the Oxfam charity item.  But I had to have the white with black.  It comes with the necklace, bracelet, and earrings – with and without an attached eyepatch.  The eyepatch also comes separately as well, without the string of pearls attaching it to the earring.  As I said earlier, the sexy, sexy outfit is in one of the dollarbie “mix” boxes at Phoenix Rising’s closing sale.  That ends soon, too – the 31st, I believe.

I’m also sporting a new pin from Ripe – it’s the Elegant Raven Skull Pin, which also comes in other colors besides this black feathered version.  Both bracelets I’m wearing are from Violet Voltaire – the White Lace & Strange Overcast bracelet on the right and the Timekiller Bracelet on the left.  I wore the Timekiller necklace in my last post.  Ok.  That’s it for me (for now).  Go shop!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Ripe, Violet Voltaire, and U&R Dogs are all located in Jewelry Fair 1: The Forest

Outfit – Phoenix Rising – Intentions

Boots – First Flower – Valerian Girls – Black

Earrings, Monocle, Necklace & Ring – Ripe – Beautiful Macabre Jewelry

Skull Pin – Ripe – Elegant Raven Skull Pin (Black)

Lip Piercing – U&R Dogs – Westphalia Lovelet – Silver

Hair – ploom – Cember – Coal

Bracelet (right) – Violet Voltaire – White Lace & Strange Overcast

Bracelet (left) – Violet Voltaire – Timekiller Bracelet

Skin – Heartsick – Ayame – Illusion – Crimson Kiss (Mid Cleavage) (free)

Hairbase by Amacci

Eyes by House of Ruin


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