Latest Release from +++Blue Blood+++ – Tori

It has taken me days to get to this post on Ghani’s newest release at Blue Blood.  For some reason, my inventory will just not load on my laptop using the Phoenix viewer.  On my desktop it loads wonderfully, but I have to share that computer. :/  Anyway, on to the pic’s!

Tori is a fantasy outfit that comes with a gazillion wear options, some of which I’ll be showing you in the other pics.  It can be a dress or it can be a puffy pants outfit.  Hmm I guess you can wear it without the pant prims, too.  I didn’t think of that when I was snapping pic’s last night. lol  But the texturing is gorgeous, as usual.  Ghani custom-made the sculpts for the outfit, so it’s not a rehashing of previous outfits.  Ghani is a work-a-holic when it comes to making outfits that are truly unique.  I hope my pics captured the shine that radiates from her textures – all done simply by drawing and painting.  It’s really quite amazing when you think about it.  So, this is the whitegoth teal version of Tori.  It comes in five colors in each the whitegoth and dark goth styles.  Here’s the whitegoth black and white, which is a group only color unless you buy the fatpack.

Here you can see some of the many wear options.  Ghani always includes the pieces on all layers, plus an all-in-one on every layer for easy mixing and matching.  You get a short-sleeved and a long-sleeved shirt, gloves, sleeve prims, a corset, skirt, skirt glitch pants, longer pants, and stockings, as well as the pants prims.  In my pics you can’t see the shiny stockings very well because I decided that I had to wear my gorgeous new boots from Courtisane – the Allumeuse boots.  I’ll be wearing these a lot from now on, so I’ll show you a closeup soon.  They are exquisitely textured and sculpted by Leezu Baxter and Enktan Gully, respectively.  I’m also wearing that gorgeous beehive from ploom – the Dusty Beehive which was the Project Themeory item this past weekend.  I’m not sure if it’s still available.   Now let’s look at a couple of the dark goth colors of Tori.

This is the dark goth ocre version of Tori.  Ocre is always a golden color.  I love the shine on the gloves.  I’ve shown the various wear options here as well.  The hair I’m wearing is the new Queenie hair from Amacci.  I love Amacci’s hair because I rarely have trouble fitting it – it usually fits right out of the box actually.  *win*!  Queenie comes in a gazillion colors, but I’m wearing one of the black shades, naturally. 🙂  Ok, one last color of Tori – the dark goth black, which is the other group only color.  (Kind of makes you want to join the Blue Blood group, doesn’t it? hee hee)

I’m wearing the black Allumeuse boots with the dark goth outfits.  I really will have to show you closeups of these boots because my pics here don’t do them justice.  They have lace at the tops, open lacing on the fronts, and gorgeous texturing throughout.  They’re not new, but they’re gorgeous and worth another look. 🙂

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfits 1 and 2:

Outfit – +++Blue Blood+++ – Tori – Whitegoth Teal; Whitegoth Black and White

Hair – ploom – Dusty Beehive – Angelfood (Project Themeory)

Boots – Courtisane – Allumeuse – Snow

Skin – ATOMIC – Audri – Porcelain – Stumble 2

Hairbase – Amacci – Hairbase Tattoo – White

Lashes – Amacci – Charm – Black

Earrings – Lolapop! – God Save the Queen – Teal Plaid

Other items worn with Tori Black and White – not sure because my computer ate my notes… :/

Outfits 3 and 4:

Outfits – +++Blue Blood+++ – Tori – Ocre and Black

Hair – Amacci – Queenie – Black Coal

Boots – Courtisane – Allumeuse – Black

Hairbase – Amacci – Hairbase Tattoo – Black Coal

Earrings – Lolapop! – God Save the Queen – Black Plaid

Skin – ATOMIC – Audri – Porcelain – Vixen 2


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