Dilly Dolls – Update of Amaranth Gowns

Wow, Oriana Kuhr over at Dilly Dolls has been very very busy.  It seems all the great goth designers have been lately.  I’m drowning here trying to keep up. lol  Oriana’s last release is the updated versions of the Amaranth gowns – you remember those uber-cute little gowns with the bunnehs on them?  Well, we now have Amaranth II – with updated textures.  And the textures are *gorgeous* – even better than before – and who knew there was any room for improvement?  Pas moi!

Look at the glow in that fabric!  And the gowns come with several top options, too.  There’s a sheer undershirt, a mesh (a/k/a fishnet) undershirt, a patterned bodice, and a separate underbust corset.  If you wear the corset the bunnehs on the bodice don’t show.  You’ll see what I mean in the next composite.  The one above is the red version of Amaranth II.  It also comes with a choker with a little rose to match the dress and a nice big bustled skirt adorned with the bunnehs. 🙂

Above, I’m wearing (l to r) the violet, teal, and pink versions of Amaranth II.  I would have a really hard time choosing a favorite color because they’re all so pretty – very deep, jewel-tones.

Here are the last three colors – green, brown, and black.  Yep, it even comes in black, for those who are not into the colorful look.  Don’t forget to click to see the pic’s even bigger.  These textures deserve a closer look.  I have plenty more new and semi-new stuff from Dilly Dolls to show you, but I’ll make a separate post for my fave new dresses – the Chyley dresses.  See you in a bit!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Gowns – Dilly Dolls – Amaranth II

Boots – G Field – Short Lace-up Boots – Black

Jewelry – Lolapop! – Fleur Fantasy Set – black

Skin – ATOMIC – Audri – Porcelain – Crow 1

Eyes – House of Ruin – Thaumaturge – Toxic Mercury

Hair – ploom – Selfy II – Coal

Hairbase – Amacci – Hairbase Tattoo – Black Coal

Lashes – Tiny Bird – Thick Lashes (FLF)


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