The Gother Than Thou Hunt Has Begun!

Yes, there’s a fantastic hunt starting today for lovers of all things goth.  It’s the Gother Than Thou Hunt for The Thrifty Goth Group.  46 stores across the grid!  You’re looking for red vampire skulls, but there’s a catch.  You have to be a member of  The Thrifty Goth Group and wear your tag to get the prizes.  Now Oriana, the Queen of the Thrifty Goths had closed the group as of yesterday, but I (along with others, I’m sure) convinced her to open the group for a week so that people could join to enjoy our fun.  Now, the hunt lasts until September 15, so if you’re not a member and you want these awesome prizes, make sure you join the group this week!  Oriana also wanted me to tell you that all new members (as well as old members, of course) are required to follow the group’s rules. As she says in the The Rules, “Violators will be warned/removed (and then eaten).” I love that last part. Yes, we have a violator roast about once a month!  They’re tasty! 😉 Enough chatter, let’s see some of the prizes!

This is the hunt prize from Blue Blood – it’s the hunt exclusive color of the new lucky board outfit – Amelia in black.  How cute and sexy is this??  I’m also wearing the hunt gifts from Favole – the Unsung Symphony Hat and Wingless Elegance posture collar (cool names, btw).  The skin is the August L$50 special from Heartsick.  You should already know how much I love Heartsick’s skins.  They are unique!  The boots and bracelets I’ll tell you about next.

This is the prize from DV8 – it includes the top and skirt, plus the belt, belly piercing, collar, bracelets, and boots.  Wow!  Thank you, DV8!!  The Ruby Demon skin is the hunt gift from aMused, and it is a gorgeous red skin that just begged for horns.  I naturally complied by adding these beauties I picked up at House of Ruin, which is going out of business (sad face) and having a blowout sale.  You want more gifties??  Well, there are plenty more!

This cute dress is from Arsenic Lace – the Clarette dress.  It comes with the sculpted shawl.  I’ve removed it for the center picture to show you the hunt gift from Shameless Designs – the Gother Than Thou Necklace.  I’m again wearing the DV8 bracelets and boots coz they’re made of awesome!

These are the hunt gifts from Calamity and Demotik.  The Ariel fishnet and leather outfit is from Calamity and comes with the choker, spiked bracelets and hat.  Very cool.  The bloody vampire skin is a prehunt gift from Nightshade to The Thrifty Goth Group.  Join the group and check the notices to grab it.  The Gother Boots are the hunt gift from Demotik.  They come with an alpha layer for users of the newer viewers, as well as invisiprims for us holdouts (lol).  They also come with a HUD to change the color of your skin and pedicure.   Here’s a closeup of the Demotik boots.

Check out those awesome heels with the bony hands.  Ok, it’s not that clear in the pic, but trust me, they’re bony hands!  So, go join the group while you still can, and get hunting!  Here’s the official hunt blog with the list of stores, along with a list of slurls and hints.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!

For all details, please see my post on The Thrifty Goth blog here.


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