RFyre Goes Glam and OMG Exodi!

Hey, loverlies.  So much to show you; so little time.  Thus, let’s get right to it.  RFyre released a beautiful pants oufit yesterday – the Glam Goth Tainted Love outfit.  It comes in crimson, black, and this one that I’ll show you – indigo.

Tainted Love features a sexy net bodice under a satiny top with feathered bow shoulder accents.  The pants cuffs also have feathery accents that move beautifully when you walk.  The cuffs and shoulder accents are both resize scripted.  I wish I had known that before I started messing with them manually. lol  The shoes are Stiletto Moody’s Bare Robin in Black. I think I did a little better at fitting them and matching them up to my skintone, after a much-appreciated chat session in the Fashion Bloggers group.  Although the skin still looks a bit blurry for some reason.  Still, the textures are just drool-worthy.  One day I’ll get them right.  And the skin!  Isn’t this skin gorgeous?!?  I’ll show you more of them after I show you the other top options for Tainted Love.

Tainted Love comes with a cropped top/no net on the undershirt layer, and a shirt with net and lace trim on the jacket and shirt layers.  The one on the shirt layer is untucked (see above).  The textures are beautiful, as should be expected from a talented designer such as Ms. Pennyfeather.  She was doing this before many of us even heard of Second Life.   Now for the skins!  Ryker Beck released a brand new skin yesterday.  Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in group dramas and bunny updates that I totally missed it.  I’m sure you’ve seen these skins on the feeds, but not on moi.  😛  I’m wearing the group gift Isolde skin in the lightest tone – Cachet – above.  The group gift is this makeup in gorgeous plum shades (kismet for me when it came time to put together this outfit!) in all tones.  Here are the other four tones.  (Click to enlarge.)

The shades shown are Vivante (top left), Soleil (top right), Nuit (bottom left), and Corneille (bottom right) – all gorgeous faces.  Maybe I’ll show you more skin later (get it? you know, I’ll show some *skin* lol).  There are more skins available in the lucky chair and in the gacha machines at Exodi, so everyone can afford to have these.  It’s not often a major skin designer makes her new release so accessible to everyone. Oh, the eyes I’m wearing are also in the gacha machines at Exodi, along with a lot of other stuff – shoes, clothes, jewelry, and more eyes.  Get your butts over there!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – House of RFyre – Glam Goth – Tainted Love – Indigo

Skin – ::Exodi:: – Isolde – Cachet – 17 (Dk/C) (group gift all tones)

Lashes – ::Exodi:: – included with skin

Eyes – ::Exodi:: – Zbilja Spirit – Specular (Gacha Hunt)

Hair – ploom – Iris – Ash (with color change streaks)

Shoes – Stiletto Moody – Bare Robin – Black

Hair (worn in skin closeups) – D!va – group gift hair (old, but still available)


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