Rotten Toe – Oh Nurse!

Hello, my loverlies.  I’m so sorry I was away for a couple of days.  Sunday was nuts in my RL, and yesterday I found out why all my bun buns were starving.  Who knew there was a mandatory update??  And we only 3 days (!) to do it!  I spent several hours last night updating my poor bun buns.  (By the way, if anyone wants a bun, please IM me inworld.  I haz the bunneh fevah.

Anyway, back to business!  Rotten Toe released this fantastic Nurse outfit over the weekend.  It comes in clean and bloody, and includes two pairs of shoes (white or red), two nice hygienic face masks (clean or bloody), two pairs of stockings (red or white), an eye patch, a ginormous syringe (resizeable), and syringes that poke out of your chest.  So much fun!  Take a look at the pics.

Ignore my bloody background, this is the clean outfit.  😀  Is that syringe big enough for ya?  I sized it *down* too. lol Check out the drops of blood on the needle.  I love the belt with the extra syringes, too.  This outfit has a fantastic amount of detail.  Elsa’s thought of everything.  Ok, here’s the bloody version.

Ya gotta love those syringes sticking out of your chest.  What a hoot!  The bangles are not part of the outfit.  I picked those up for free at Sn@tch’s Neko Mall satellite shop.  The Neko mall is having a sim-wide hunt and there are lots of cute freebies there for the grabbing.  Look for the tulips.  (Not everything is neko, either, but I did find a nice tail and ears set.)  Sn@tch has two hunt freebies, neither of which is neko per se.   There’s virtually no lag there, either.  So, go get ’em.

Oh, I have to mention the skin even though I’m sure they’ve been blogged to death.  Sanu!  Omg! Sanu made these cute skins.  They’re very fresh and dewy and young.  And they’re free in the Needle in a Haystack hunt.  Just look for the little prim haystack.  The skins come with two options – plain and blushed – plus two needles for your mouth are included – a silver and a gold.

Ok, that’s it for me.  I’ll probably be back later today with more goodies.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – Rotten Toe – Nurse Outfit – Clean and Bloody

Skin – Sanu – Needling Skin – regular and blushed – Needle in a Haystack Hunt Stop No. 4

Eyes – House of Ruin – Mortis – Mercury (system and prim)

Hair – Dernier Cri – Ann – Blacks (undyed)

Bangles – Sn@tch – Royal Bangles – Swag bag at Neko Mall Shops


2 thoughts on “Rotten Toe – Oh Nurse!

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  2. hey been away working but did want to stop by and keep your head up too…really love your work so don’t you stop…and now this outfit looks like fun hehe…what time does this class start hehe…have a great week…me…

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