Sn@tch at The Black Bacchanal

As I told you earlier, Sn@tch and Pulse are hosting the latest Black Bacchanal.   Ivey’s contributions are a black silk jumpsuit, stomper boots, replicant eyes, a UV mask for your eyes, and a new skin and shape, and a tattoo.  Wow, she’s been busy!  But that’s our Ivey; she’s my favorite workaholic.

The Mask covers your eyes and wraps around the top and sides of your head, better to keep out the glare of that UV radiation.  I did mention somewhere that the event’s theme is Bladerunner, right? 🙂  Let’s look at the Geisha 2019 outfit next, shall we?

Geisha 2019 is a black silk jumpsuit with a large cowl collar, and armwarmers; it can be yours for only L$113.  I’m also wearing the new boots, the Bradbury Stompers, kneehigh platform boots with attached legwarmers, which are available at the Bacchanal for L$31 (bargain!)   I love the little skirt prims with the strings hanging down on the outfit.   I just love movement. 🙂  The skin I’m wearing is also new for the Black Bacchanal.  It’s the Rachel skin, which is only available in the peach tone (tone 2) with and without cleavage option.  For L$300, you get the skin and the Rachel shape, which I’ll show you below.  If you’ve seen Bladerunner, Rachel (played by Sean Young) was the beautiful replicant that Harrison Ford’s character falls for.  Ivey did a fantastic job of duplicating her look.  First, take a closeup look at the boots, though.

And here’s the Rachel shape (well the face anyway) with the Replicant eyes.  The eyes are a L$13 Gacha item and come in 9 colors.  Click to make the pics much bigger.

I think Ivey nailed it – the avatar looks just like Sean Allen in Bladerunner.

The Bacchanal only runs until August 2nd, so hurry on over and grab these bargains while you can.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


All skins, eyes, and clothing by Sn@tch for The Black Bacchanal

Hair – worn with Geisha 2019 – ploom – Lola – Ash (with color change accents)

Hair – worn with Rachel shape and Replicant eyes – /artilleri/ – Dayna V1 – Black


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