More AVid – The Raven

A few days ago, I said that I would be showing you more outfits from AVid, which totally does not get the attention it deserves.  So, today, I’m showing you one of the most dramatic outfits in the store.  Are you feeling dramatic?  Do you want every heard to turn when you enter the room?  There is statement jewelry, but this is a statement outfit, perfect for a masquerade, or a vampire ball.  Take a look at some of the wear options with this outfit.

Darwin Mizser has packed this outfit with so many pieces, you’ll spend a merry hour mixing and matching.  Ok I exaggerate a bit, but still…  The Raven comes with arm bands; beak; bindi; boots; choker with attached wings; choker without wings; corset; prim feathered dress top; fingernails; skirt base; gloves; feathered hat; mask; mini-tutu on two attachment points; shoulder prims; two pairs of stockings – ripped and very ripped; tail feathers; lace top; and garters.  Phew!  I’m wearing almost all the options except the mask, bindi, and beak above.  I’m also wearing the very ripped stockings.  Let’s see some more options.

Here I’m wearing the bindi, the choker without the attached wings, the tail feathers and tu-tu, the hat, and the less ripped stockings.  I’ve also taken off the corset for the photos to the right.  Showing a bit of tummy through the lace is sexah!  Ok, one more… this is the most dramatic.  You’ll be totally ready for the masquerade in this one.

Here, I’m wearing the full outfit, plus the feathered mask and beak – drama!  Most people think that AVid only makes leather outfits – but you can see here that’s not the case.  The feather textures are extremely realistic, like everything at AVid.

Before I go, I wanted to mention one more thing about AVid that is very unusual.  Darwin Mizser offers a money-back guarantee for her transferable clothing!  That’s right, if there is a mistake in the outift, or if you are disappointed with your purchase, just contact Darwin within 3 days of purchase with your transaction details, and she will give you a full refund.  She states in her profile regarding this guarantee “I will never argue.”  Holy hell!  A guarantee??  What are you waiting for??  You can even buy someone a very nice gift with no worries!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – AVid – The Raven

Skin – Redgrave – Trinity – Daylight – Domina (hairbase)

Lashes – Redgrave – Vampire lashes

Eyes – House of Ruin – Mortis Eyes – Mercury – system and prim

Hair – Exile – Caprice – Twilight


2 thoughts on “More AVid – The Raven

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  2. hey girl very nice like always…keep up the great work …and hey…get that glass lets have a drink hell its fryday night..hehe…hope your week was good and I hope you have a great weekend planned for your self have fun…lots of love…

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