AVid – HellCat

Hello, goth lovers.  I’m on a mission.  That’s right, I said a mission – to expand your awareness of the variety of goth stores in our wonderful metaverse.  Do you only wear goth when it’s free or on sale?  Do you not “gaf” that many other avatars on the grid are wearing the same outfit as you?  or are you a hardcore goth who doesn’t mind spending a few lindens to look fantastic and unique?  If you’re the latter, then this post is for *you*!

Meet HellCat from AVid.  Do you know AVid?  It’s only been around for like 4 years!  Do you miss Crimson Shadow and its spooky, sexy castle?  Then you need to visit AVid.  I had a very nostalgic time wandering the corridors of its beautiful gothic castle and drooling over the high quality goth clothes there.  This is just one outfit I had to have.  I’ll show you more in posts to come.

So, what could be better than black leather, fishnets, fur collars and cuffs, and tattoos?  HellCat has it all.  The price may be steep, but you get so much for your lindens.  Above is just one of the options in the box.  You get a sexy belt, two collars – flat or fluffy (flat shown above), a dragon tattoo, gloves, jacket, two vests (one designed to wear with the jacket and the other designed to wear alone), two pairs of pants (cut and uncut), two white shirts (closed or open), fishnet stockings, a thong, and chunky, buckley shoes.  Just add fantastic skin and hair and you’re done!  Here is a composite showing some of the outfits you can put together. Click a few times to get a really good view of my butt. 😉

Do you need a guide map of the options above?  Ok – left to right – open white shirt with cut pants and fishnets; fishnets, belt, thong (the belt is sexy!); closed white shirt and jacket with fuzzy collar;  jacket with leather pants; closed white shirt option.  This outfit makes me feel sexy and *dangerous*!

I’ve worn Redgrave’s Trinity Daylight skin with this outfit.  This type of hybrid clothing (photorealistic and hand drawn textures) deserves a hybrid skin to complete the look.  Oh, everything at AVid is transfer, too, so what better way to show your appreciation to your goth loved ones than an outfit from AVid?  I’ll have to drag out Azrael to show you some of the men’s outfits.  I could spend hours drooling over the posters there.  Darwin makes some of the sexiest goth men’s clothes on the grid.  So, check out AVid, you’ll drool, I swear!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit –AVid – HellCat

Hair – ploom – Iris – Ash (with color change streaks via HUD) (new)

Skin – Redgrave – Daylight – Trinity – Temptation (hairbase)

Piercing – LouLou&Co – So Bad

Earrings – Perturb/ation – Northern Cross Piercing

Eyes – Tacky Star – Prim Eyes – Cold Like Ice


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