Summer of Love – SMOTD’s Dark Gown

Did you know that the Summer of Love Festival is not *all* summery, beachy fun stuff?  Nope.  Show Me on the Doll is participating – that should tell you right off that you can find some dark stuff there.  The Dark Gown is Putrid Gloom’s offering.  It’s only available at the SOL Fest for now, but it will be available at SMOTD after the festival ends.

If you liked the Lady Carnage Gown and the Born of the Fourth group gift gown recently, you’ll love The Dark Gown.  Look at that pic on the right – it flows so beautifully.  And there are enough layers of prim skirting so that your butt doesn’t show through when you walk (unless your AO is particularly silly and bendy, I imagine).  It comes with the prim stole that goes across the bosom.  It dresses up the gown nicely, but you won’t be able to wear a necklace/choker because all the usual attachment points are filled.  No matter, though,  just add some nice arm bands like I did. 🙂  These were a recent weekend sale item at LouLou&Co.  Before I run off to prepare another post, take a look at the boots I’m wearing under that voluminous skirt.

It’s one of many of Putrid’s Tippytoes Ponyboots.  They come in a gazillion colors and styles – some are even gacha items for you to win.   I love these!  Ok… be good and go shopping!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Dress – Show Me on the Doll – The Dark Gown – for Summer of Love

Hair – ploom – Iris – Ash (color change streaks via HUD) (new)

Boots – Show Me on the Doll – Tippytoes Ponyboots – Bloody (Satellite store at Bad Blood)

Skin – Rotten Toe – Alice Skin (L$15)

Bracelets – LouLou&Co – Myrtil – Blue

Eyes – Tacky Star – Prim Eyes – Cold Like Ice


4 thoughts on “Summer of Love – SMOTD’s Dark Gown

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  2. Ok hon I feel your slipping just a little you left blood on your shoes…There going to so bust you but remember Don’t cop to nothing even if they have pictures hehe…but Truth love the outfit keep up the great work your doing.

    Also I desided to change my logo for my company do you think you could take the time and come by and give me your input on what you think of it..See my page and let me know and give it to me stright…don’t butter it up…hit me with your best shot make me cry beg plea hehe…have a great one and thank you lots of love…

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