RFyre Lazy Dayze Summer Hunt and Sale

RFyre is having a hunt this weekend for two outfits – one for guys and one for girls.  For the girls there are 9 flowers to find, each priced at L$10.  So, you’ll get the Mailed outfit in black for L$90, which is a lot cheaper than the usual price.  Plus, you’ll explore the store and other shops at RFyre.  Now the hunts I did in the past at RFyre were very disappointing.  I could never find all the pieces.  But this time, the object is large and colorful and not really hidden.  So, I had no problem finding all the pieces.  All the flowers (pink for girls and blue for guys) are hidden only in the RFyre store and in the shops on the sim.  RFyre and many of the shops in the sim are also featuring at least one item 50% off.  The flowers are usually hidden in those shops.  Here’s the outfit you’ll get if you find all the flowers.

It has a plethora of wear options, too – several bodice options, a skirt, leather pants, and two different belts.

There was only one piece I had a bit of trouble finding and that’s because it was the only one for girls hidden in the second set of shops reached via the second floor of RFyre.  It’s at Blue Blood, which has the Diva outfit 50% off.  I’ve already shown you the Diva outfit here.

I enjoyed looking around at the shops on RFyre’s sim.  Many I had never heard of, and the quality of all of them is very good.  I had to buy this outfit from AVid.  I love the beautiful goth clothes at AVid!  The clothes are so well-made and the textures are so realistic.  I would buy more from AVid, but the prices are usually a bit higher than my budget can afford.  I think the last time I showed you an AVid outfit was during RFyre’s hunt last summer!  Anyway, this is the outfit you can buy at AVid for 50% off.   I’ll always have a soft spot for AVid because it was the first goth shop I found where the clothes looked so realistic.  I bought one of the men’s outfit for my partner back then and just droooooled whenever he wore it.  Ah… memories. lol  Anyway, here’s the Moulin Noir outfit.

AVids outfits are expensive, yes, but they always come with tons of pieces, usually including shoes.  I forgot to wear the hat which also comes with this outfit – and it’s a very nice hat, too.  Other pieces included are gloves with prim bows, belt, skirt, socks with bows, tie, bra, corset, and underwear.

Ok, I’m off to work on my Sunny Sunday post next.  Gotta find something bright and beautiful to show you.  It always perks up my day when I put on “blonde Des.”  Of course, I don’t feel like “myself” though.  lol

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 1:

Outfit – RFyre – Mailed – Black

Skin – Redgrave – Daylight – Trinity – Temptation

Eyes – Tacky Star – Prim Eyes – Cold Like Ice

Lashes – Amacci – Charm – Black

Hair – ploom – Summer of Love Festival – Christy

Boots – First Flower – Hollyhock – Black

Outfit No. 2:

Outfit – AVid – Moulin Noir

Skin – Rotten Toe – Alice Skin – L$15

Hair – D!va – Haruka – Onyx – past Group Gift (still available)


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