Nomine New Releases – Riding Hood and Papillon

This week’s new releases from Nomine are two beautiful gowns – one of them based on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, or rather the rewrite of that fairy tale by Roald Dahl.  This is a bad-ass Riding Hood; she ain’t “little” any more. lol

Riding Hood comes in Red (shown above), Blood, Hunter, Lost, Midnight, Night, Wolf, and Woods.  You’ll have to figure out what those colors are. lol  I’ll show you two more of them, though.  In my last post, I showed you the new Redgrave vampire skins – Trinity – and, as promised, here is Trinity again – a perfect accompaniment to these dark Nomine dresses.

This is Riding Hood in Night – a gorgeous midnight blue. Riding Hood comes with the hood, the cape, a rose attachment for the bodice, and a system skirt and top.  Here’s one more color of Riding Hood – Hunter, a dark green.

I’ve worn different Redgrave Trinity makeups with each dress.  I think they each create a unique look.  That cleavage in the pic above is omg, no?  Ok, now for something completely different, even though it’s also by Nomine.

This is a stunning dress that Munch said took her several days to make.  I believe it – the pattern and textures are quite intricate.  Also, although my pictures don’t do them justice, in the right light, certain areas of the gown almost sparkle.  The sleeves are very interesting, too.  The ends are slightly translucent so that the pattern of the sleeves on the shirt layer show through.  It’s a very nice effect.  Papillon comes with two skirt options – a mermaid skirt – shown above – as well as a full skirt (see below).  It also comes with a belt to wear with the mermaid skirt and the necklace shown above.  The choker is part of the shirt layer and has a sexy little detail on the back.  Take a look.  Please click to make them larger (all pics, that is).

The skirt has multiple patterns which reflect and change with the light quite nicely. The choker extends down the back of the bodice in the form of pearl buttons.  As always, these are definitely worth a visit to Nomine.  If you’re short on lindens, hit the subscribo and you’ll get a skin that Munch created to go with the Riding Hood dresses.  I blogged them on Friday.  Nomine also has a fantastic gacha machine with 16 really nice prizes for a very small amount of lindens, as well as lucky chairs and a fortune teller.  See you at Nomine!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Composite 1:

Dress – Nomine – Riding Hood Gown – Red

Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bien Fait – Victoriana (xstreet maybe)

Skin – Redgrave – Vampire Hunter Skin – Trinity – 12 Beast/Hairbase

Lashes – Redgrave – 29 – Vampire

Eyes – Redgrave – Vampire – GhostBlue

Nailpolish – Adam n Eve – fantasy drow manicure evil

Hair – ploom – Tovi – Coal

Eye Lights by Poetic Colors

Composite 2:

Dress – Nomine – Riding Hood Gown – Night

Skin – Redgrave – Vampire Hunter Skin – Trinity – Nightfeast/Hairbase

Necklace – Rozoregalia – Vinca

Bracelet Left – Rozoregalia – Hydra – Handrings

Bracelet Right – Lolapop! – Wicked Elegance Black Pearls

Earrings – Rozoregalia – Gemma (for Hunting 9)

Hair – Amacci – Carletta – Black Coal

Boots – First Flower – Women’s Valerian – Midnight Blue

Eyes – Tacky Star – Cold Like Ice – Small Vein 1

Composite 3:

Dress – Nomine – Riding Hood Gown – Hunter

Skin – Redgrave – Vampire Hunter – Trinity – 09 Hunter Skin Mystical/Hairbase

Hair – ploom –  Cember – Coal

Eyes and Lashes – Redgrave (see above)

Composites 4 and 5:

Dress with Necklace – Nomine – Papillon Gown

Skin – Redgrave – Vampire Hunter – Trinity – Daylight – Luster/Hairbase

Hair – ploom – Arq – Coal

Boots – !Drakke! –  Strapped Ankle Boots Black

Earrings – Rozoregalia (see above)


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