Redgrave Dabbles in the Dark Arts

All I can say is “wow.”  And “wow” again.  “Redgrave” and “vampire” are two words you probably never thought you’d see together, and yet, here it is – Redgrave has released Trinity – a vampire skin! (This post has 8 pictures, so it will probably get cut off on the feeds.  You know what to do if you want to see the rest. *smiles*)  Trinity comes in two tones – Daylight and Hunter – with twelve makeups each.  That’s a lot of skins!  And – get this – the price for all 12 makeups is only L$2990.  OMG!  I’ve seen skins selling for as much as L$8000 and usually with fewer makeups!  Daylight, as the name implies, is the less intense of the two tones.  Enough jibber jabber, let’s take a look. (As always, click to make it bigger.)

This is Trinity in the Daylight tone.  It’s a pale skin, without being at all white.  It has very realistic shading and details and that wonderful glow.  It comes with cleavage and with or without a dark hairbase.  (Thank you, thank you for the hairbase!)  Here’s the Hunter tone…

The Hunter tone is much more… ummm… hardcore, I guess.  It has very noticeable blue veining all over.  It’s actually quite creepy without being horror-scary.  Now let’s take a look at the makeups.  I know some people hate these kinds of posts and would prefer to see the skins used in an outfit.  I’ll do that in my next post.  I have the perfect new release outfits for this skin, I promise.  For those of you who want to see closeups of what the skins look like on avatars other than the designer’s – this is for you.  (These are *seriously* sized down.  Click to get a really good view of ’em.)

Left to right – Daylight Innocent, Translucent, Silkmatt, and Temptation

Left to right – Daylight Mystical, Luster, Fancy, and Dreamy

Left to right – Daylight Domina, Diabolic, BloodTear and SmudgeTear

I tried to organize them for you from least colorful to most RP-worthy.  Speaking of RP, the Hunter makeups are definitely for those of you who don’t just like to look goth, but like to RP goth – The Hunger and Bloodlines players come to mind here.  Here are the Hunter makeups, also organized from pretty to hardcore.

Left to right – Hunter Silkmatt, Nightfeast, Mystical, and Mistress

Left to right – Hunter Death Angel, SmudgeTear, Beast, and Spook

And finally, left to right – Hunter Thirst, BloodyTear, Hunter, and Bloodlust

Some of the makeups have a bruised look, some a more translucent look.  The translucent makeups in the Hunter tone are quite disturbing, I think.  You can really see the blue veining.  I can’t really call these skins pretty, but they’re mesmerizing.  These are not Twilight vampire skins – oh, no.  These are – forgive the oxymoron – realistic vampire skins.  You will not “sparkle” in these skins.  You will look like a gaunt, ghoulish, undead, formerly human creature.

One last note before I (finally) end this post.  All makeups above are worn with Redgrave’s Vampire lashes and GhostBlue Vampire eyes.  The lashes are *very* long and spidery (I love ’em!), so without them, the eye makeup will be less dramatic.  If you’re into vampire RP or just like to look like you are, you *need* these skins.  Go get ’em at Redgrave today!  At only L$2990 per set, they’re a steal!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Skin – Redgrave – Vampire Hunter Skin – Trinity

Lashes – Redgrave – 29 – Vampire

Eyes – Redgrave – Vampire – GhostBlue

Eye Lights by Poetic Colors

Nailpolish – Adam n Eve – fantasy drow manicure evil

Lingerie – Angel Dessous – Provocateur Darkblue (old)

Hair – ploom – Cember – Coal

Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bronte Black Velvet (retired – may be available on xstreet)


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