Free Skins Galore!

Hello, gothlings, deviants, and sundry strange folk.  I was noticing that I’d received a bunch of gift skins lately from various designers.  Today I’m going to show you just three of those free skins, and highlight some new and slightly new outfits from DV8.  First up, there’s DV8’s Hard Candy dresses – sexy, flirty, corseted little tutus.  You can’t get sexier than a tutu.  Wait… I was wrong…. pair ’em up with some thigh high ballet boots – now that’s sexy!

The skin is quite interesting, no?  It’s from a new-to-me store called Sinner’s Tongue and the skin was sent to members of the Dead Dolls of SL group last week or so.  It’s a cracked doll skin.  What a pretty old doll.   Look at those soft lips and rosy cheeks.  I like it!  The gift also came with free violet colored eyes (worn) and a shape (not worn).  Next up, another color of Hard Candy with another gift skin.

This one is from Nomine and was sent to subscribo members.  I’m wearing this ultra-short Kin hair coz I wanted to make sure you could see these skins clearly.  This Nomine skin is softer than usual and has lovely red lips and blue-grey eyeshadow in honor of July 4th.  How about another, newer outfit from DV8 and yet another free skin?

This is a rerelease of the very first outfit DV8 ever did – Demonette.  All the old colors are back with some extras – all revamped for today’s SL.  When you buy each color you actually get two outfits – colored with black in the middle, like I’m wearing here, but you also get black with the color in the middle.  I’ve paired them with the revamped Pandora Cyberfalls hair from DV8 and a VIP Group gift from Sn@tch – the new Solstice skin in Sunshine.  I’m wearing Tone 1, the lightest, but you get every tone in this makeup.  Now, it costs to join the Sn@tch VIPs, but it is one of the *best* groups in SL to join.  This is a “keepr group.”  Do I like Ivey’s new Solstice skins?  omg, yes!  They are much more mainstream pretty than the previous Plush skins.  The lips are smaller, the nose is smoother.  It’s so exciting to watch an artist like Ivey evolve. :))

Ok.. one more color of Demonette for you – Gunmetal….

It’s so easy to dress in DV8’s clothes – you can match your hair, your boots, and your clothes with no trouble at all.  DV8 is like the Garanimals of Cyber/Goth.  lol  Don’t forget, if you’re short of lindens, DV8 has tons of freebies – lucky chairs, fishing prizes, riot vendors, picks rewards.  And they’re always loaded with the newest releases.

Ok, now for something completely different.  Have you been to Bad Blood, Violent Seduction’s new sim?  I’m sure you have – it’s the home of Tacky Star, Show Me on the Doll, December, Rotten Inc., Not Too Shabby, and of course, Violent Seduction.   Well, if you’re a shop owner, looking for a new mainstore or satellite, you’re in luck because there are 4 plots available on the sim.  There are prebuilds (if wanted) to keep with the dark theme, and the shopowners work as a community to hold events.  The price is only L$1068 per week for 937 prims.  Please IM/notecard Ikaru Aichi or Aura Falta inworld if you’d like more information.  Here’s a pic of the sim…ooooo… dark and scary! (click to make it biggggger).

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit no. 1

Dress – DV8 – Hard Candy – Agate

Hair – Kin – Cricket – White

Skin – Sinner’s Tongue – Cracked Doll Skin – DDSL gift

Eyes – Sinner’s Tongue – Doll Eyes Violet – DDSL gift

Boots –DV8 – Morrhigan Ballet Bitchboots – Black

Earrings – Lolapop! – Ghost Pearl Earrings (Ghost Bat Jewelry set)

Choker and Bracelet – Lolapop! – wicked Elegance Set (black pearls) (color change)

Lashes – Amacci – Charm – Black

Outfit No. 2

Dress – DV8 – Hard Candy – Blood

Skin – Nomine – Mosaic – China – 4th

Eyes – Poetic Colors – Ice Crystal – bright

Boots –DV8 – Morrhigan Ballet Bitchboots – Red

Hair, Jewelry, Lashes – same

Outfit No. 3

Outfit – DV8 – Demonette – Gunmetal

Hair – DV8 – Pandora Cyberfalls – Liquid Steel

Boots – DV8 – Morrhigan Ballet Bitchboots – Pewter

Skin – Sn@tch – VIP Group Gift July – Solstice Skin – Tone 1 – Sunshine/BR

Left Bracelet – Urbanity – Leather Bands – black

Collar – DV8 – Deathrock Collars – Cuffed – Skulls

Tattoo – silentsparrow – crowjane tattoos

Lashes – Sn@tch – Lush Glam Lashes – black (come with skin)

Earrings and Eyes – same

Outfit No. 4:

Outfit – DV8 – Demonette – Aquanaut

Hair – DV8 – Pandora Cyberfalls – Aquanaut

Boots – DV8 – Morrhigan Ballet Bitchboots – Pewter

Collar –DV8 – Deathrock Collars – Iron Trifecta- Velvet

Skin, Bracelet, Earrings, Eyes, Tattoo, Lashes  – same


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