Violent Seduction New Release – Astron

Ikaru Aichi of Violent Seduction wanted to make an outfit for her Nymph avatars so they wouldn’t be so nakey.  The result is Astron, a sexy little dress with sculpted sleeves, collar, and boots, that looks just as good on “normal” avatars.

Well, that’s not a normal avatar, is it?  lol  I’m wearing the Celestial Nymph avatar that Ikaru sent to members of her inworld group, which I’ve paired with the Ice (aqua) version of Astron.  Celestial is a darker, almost drow-like Nymph.  Here are some other colors of Astron paired up with more colors of Nymph.

These are sooo damned cute and so much fun to wear!  Left to right – Warm (peach), Love (pink), Ocean (blue), and Life (purple).  All hair worn is by Deviant Kitties, which you might know is being rebranded into ploom.  For now, this hairstyle is a freebie – the whole fatpack.  There’s also a big sale on many older Deviant Kitties styles with packs of 6 colors for L$20 and fatpacks for L$200.  Follow the LM at the end of this post.  You may have to touch the sign in front of ploom to TP up to the Deviant Kitties last hurrah.

Now, earlier, I said that Astron looks good on “normal” avatars, too.  Well, in SL, what is “normal”?  Here’s Astron on two very different versions of Neko Des. 😀

Here I’m wearing Astron Peace (white) with a brand new rerelease of DV8’s Rivet Kitteh Tail along with DV8’s previously rereleased Cyberfalls hair in the matching shade.  Hey, I look “normal.”  😛  Call me weird if you want, but I think there’s something sexy about a woman in a kitty tail.

This one I call “Evil Vampire Kitty Des.”  I’m wearing Astron in Black Hole, along with gorgeous hair from Sadistic Hacker, another Rivet Kitteh Tail from DV8, and a great new *free* skin from KOSH.  That’s right – KOSH has made a new skin, called Vee in four tones.  As a special gift, this makeup, called Flamingo, is available in all four tones for nada (or maybe a linden, I forget).

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfits by Violent Seduction – Astron

Lashes by Amacci – Charm – Black

Eyes by  May Girl – *MG* Eyes

Hair – Deviant Kitties – Anabel (free)  (worn with Astron Ice, Warm, Love, Ocean, and Life

Hair – DV8 – Cyberfalls (worn with Astron Peace)

Hair – Sadistic Hacker –  Neru – Black (worn with Astron Black Hole)

Skin, Ears, and Tail – Violent Seduction – Nymph (worn with Astron Ice, Warm, Love, Ocean, and Life)

Skin – Heartsick – Yume – Illusion – Meadowsweet (worn with Astron Peace)

Skin – KOSH – Vee – Otsego – Flamingo (free) (worn with Astron Black Hole)

Kitteh Tails – DV8 – Rivet Kitteh Tail 2.0 – Liquid Steel (silver) and Before Dawn (black)

Kitteh Earz – ATOMIC –  Silver Feline Ears (old)  (worn with Astron Peace)

Kitteh Earz – Sn@tch – Kitteh Earz Goth Black (worn with Astron Black Hole)


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