Dilly Dolls – Tons of New Releases!

Oriana Kuhr is one of those restless creative people.  She’s just completed another reworking of her store, so make sure to grab the new LM at the end of this post.  The old one would probably still work, but you might end up on the roof or something.  Even with all the work involved in rebuilding her store, she’s still managed to create new releases for us.  In this post, I’ll give you just a small sample of what you can find in the new store.  First up, Riding Hood II – a dark version of the dress from the famous fairy tale.

Riding Hood II comes with the basket, hood, cloak, and the cute mary janes with little red hearts.  I think my favorite part of this dress are the sculpted sleeves.  The black lace and bows just make me squeee.  I also love Oriana’s dolly/mary jane shoes and wear them all the time.  I wore these shoes in yesterday’s post with the new Blue Blood release, Simone.  Oriana has also created hair to go with the hood of this outfit.  Riding Hood Hair II comes in blacks, blondes, browns, deeps, reds, and two rainbow packs.  They are size and color scripted, so they won’t clog up your inventory.  Here’s the hair without the hood.

As you can see, it works really well without the hood and would also work with many other head adornments (i.e. hats).  The eyes worn in the above two composites are also new from Dilly Dolls.  Oriana has released two types – the Decun eyes and the Kolan eyes; the Decun are darker.  Worn above are the Kolan eyes in grey and brown.  Oh!  The lashes!  Those are new from Dilly Dolls, too!  They’re prim lashes (no alpha textures) so they won’t interfere with your hair like alpha lashes will. Yay!

Finally, you may have noticed that the skins are new as well.  Here’s a composite of the four new doll makeups Oriana has created.  Click to make it ginormous.

All makeups shown are in the Paste tone, but they also come in four other tones; Paste is the lightest.  On the top left is Janna; top right – Lorraine; bottom left – Feather (my favorite); and bottom right – Fiona.  I’ve found that there’s a significant difference in the look of these skins depending on your graphics card.  They look fantastic on my bitchin’ desktop. 🙂  I’m also wearing two other Kolan eyes – the green and the violet.  They also come in blue, pink, red, and teal.

Whew!  That’s a lot of new release, Oriana!  Go take a break – you deserve it!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Almost all items worn are from Dilly Dolls!

Outfit Composite:

Dress – Dilly Dolls – Riding Hood II

Eyes – Dilly Dolls – Kolan Eyes – Grey

Lashes – Dilly Dolls – Prim Lashes 01

Skin – Dilly Dolls – Feather – Paste

Hair – Dilly Dolls – Riding Hood II Hair – Blacks – Aged

Earrings – Lolapop! – Fleur Black (for Etheria)

Skin Composite:

Hair – AyLinE – Gacha Hair A Espresso (L$40/try)


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