Violent Seduction New Release – Lenore

Yesterday/early this morning, I showed you the upcoming gift for the Macabre Hunt from Violent Seduction – the lingerie that complements the new release outfit, Lenore.  As promised, here it is.  (Wow.  I kept a promise.  Amazing! lol)  Lenore comes with many, many options.  First of all you have a choice of three skirts (four if you count the Macabre Hunt flirty little skirt) – lolita, gown, or open front gown (the sexiest option I think).

You also have the option of baring your bewbs by wearing the “cheeky” top with included x pasties (or without if you want to really be daring), or wearing the covered top either short or long.  Lenore also comes with three different hair bows – a big one for the back of your head (worn), a big one for the back with a sculpted black veil, or two smaller bows on each side of your head.  If you’re very observant, you will notice that I’m not wearing the right upper arm sleeve pouf.  SL was full of asshattery last night and would not allow me to attach it for some reason.  But the collar and the two sleeve attachments per arm are also included, along with a large or smaller bow for your chest.  In the above pictures, I’m wearing Lenore in Death (that’s black with gray for non-goth speakers).

Lenore also comes in Blood, Coagulate, Suffering, and Envy (that’s red, purple, blue, and green in goth speak). 😉

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – Violent Seduction – Lenore

Skin – Violent Seduction – Macabre Hunt prize (hunt starts May 13)

Hair – Amacci – Lil – White

Earrings & Right Bracelet – Zipz – Dark Metal Skull Cameo with Diamonds

Eyelashes – The Dressing Room – Dangerous eyelashes

Eyes – Shine – Lustrous Argent

Shoes – Adam n Eve (retired – may still be available on xstreet)


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