Alt Fair Ends Tomorrow – One Last Look

Yep – it’s all over tomorrow – Alternative Fair on that cool sim that Ivey Deschanel and friends created that hearkens to the Louisiana Bayous.  Mais ouais, cher!  And it’s for a good cause, too – buying mosquito netting for impoverished families in Africa to help prevent malaria.  Warning!  This is another looooong post, so if it gets cut off on the feeds, please follow the link to my blog and read the rest – you won’t be disappointed. :))

So, let’s see what else Des picked up recently at the Alt Fair.  First up is the Schadenfreude Death Sugar Sugar dress.  Now, this is not their Nothing But Nets charity item, but just one look at it, and I *had* to have it!  It’s black and white and skully!  Do I have to say more?

It comes with several options – a bustle skirt, jacket prims, and a dolly skirt; as well as a corset, a bolero jacket, and skully pasties for you more daring types.  The stockings continue the skully motif as well.  I just had to grab the jewelry at Schadenfreude’s booth, too  – the Electro Cute Skully set – bracelets, earrings, and necklace – all with the same little skulls.  (I know; I’ve worn these before, but hey, I really like them!)  The shoes are part of DV8’s NBN item I blogged previously – the Pop Loli outfit.  The hair is a new release from Kitsune Couture and comes with the attached tiny tophat – omg – serendipity!  I’m so glad I didn’t try to blog this last weekend!   Here’s a closer view of the hair/hat, as well as the more risque option for Death Sugar Sugar. Hee hee.  Love the skully pasties!  Oh, the skin is Violent Seduction’s new skin line – Arsenic, which I blogged previously as well.  Damn!  I’ve been blogging a lot lately!  Getting tired of me yet?

Moving right along, here are two outfits by two great designers that *do* benefit Nothing But Nets.  One has been quite extensively blogged, but I don’t think the other has.  First up, one of my favorite, absolutely whacky stores – Grim Bros. – offers several NBN items, but this one was a “must have” for me.  It’s “North, Carolina!  A Cute Little Dress” and it *is* damned cute!

Check out the textures – gorgeous!  I love this shade of blue – is it “carolina blue”?  Mayhaps that’s from whence the name comes.  Love that caged skirt with the fabric overlay, plus the ribbons are to die for.  The hair is also a new release from Kitsune Couture, called sweetly, “Cake Face.”  It comes with a color change bow.   The shoes are a recent release from Sn@tch – little T-Strap shoes with color change socks – yep, socks with open shoes are all the rage this season.  Here’s a closeup…

I tinted the socks white this time so you could actually see the shoes.  I also wanted to show you the gorgeous jewelry I picked up at one of my favorite jewelry stores – U&R Dogs.  The bracelet is not too new – it’s Rigoletto – but the Canope earrings were released yesterday as a 20 minute camping item – and they’re color change!  Go sit on the boat (yes, it’s on a boat!) and win this prize.  Be nice and wait your turn, though, children; there are only two camping spots.  Oh, I’ve previously blogged this skin as well – it’s Heartsick’s Nothing But Nets charity item – a preview of the new skin Adored – lovely!

Last, but certainly not least, I want to show you another one of Sn@tch’s offerings for the Nothing But Nets charity.  I previously showed you the Plush Bruise skins.  This is the Dirty Pop dress in the wine shade, which is exclusive for the charity.

I love the prim shoulder straps, even though they look a bit off in the large photo – trust me it’s just the angle – they are awesome!  As you can see, the dress comes with two skirt options.  (Sorry I’m wearing those awesome Electro Cute jewelry pieces from Schadenfreude again.  Love them!)  I’m also wearing another new release shoe from Sn@tch – the Platform Squeaky Sandals, which are almost impossible to see because of the Dirty Pop stockings, but they are very very strappy.  The hair is yet another Kitsune Couture item – this one, zeHair, is on sale for L$30 for the fatpack.  Whoot!   Finally, the skin worn here is Griselda, another Nothing But Nets charity item, this time from Ironik Kitties – and it’s only L$50 and comes with a shape (not worn).   A bargain for a good cause; that’s what I’m talking about!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 1:

Dress – Schadenfreude (LM is to Alt Fair Booth) – Death Sugar Sugar

Shoes – DV8 (Alt Fair Booth) –  Pop Loli Deluxe MaryJane Shoes (part of Pop Loli Alt Fair NBN outfit)

Jewelry – Schadenfreude (Alt Fair Booth) – Electro-Cute Skull Jewelry

Skin – Violent Seduction – Arsenic – Black

Hair – Kitsune Couture – Mad Hatter – Onyx (new!)

Outfit No. 2:

Dress – Grim Bros. (Alt Fair Booth) – North, Carolina! – a cute little dress – Alt Fair item

Shoes – Sn@tch – T-Strap Pumps with color change socks

Skin – Heartsick (Alt Fair Booth) – Illusion – Adored – Alt Fair Special Preview – beautymarks/cleavage

Hair – Kitsune Couture – Cakeface – Onyx (new!)

Bracelet – :+*R*+: – Rigoletto – Silver

Earrings – :+*R*+: – Canope Pierced Earrings Gold – item camp (new!)

Outfit No. 3:

Dress – Sn@tch (Alt Fair Booth) – Dirty Pop – Wine – Exclusive – NBN Donation item

Skin – Ironik Kitties (Alt Fair Booth) – Griselda skin – NBN item (only L$50) comes with shape too

Shoes – Sn@tch – Platform Squeaky Sandals

Hair – Kitsune Couture – zeHair – charcoal – 30L for fatpack (new!)

Jewelry – Schadenfreude again 🙂


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