Hurry! Limited Time Sale at Violent Seduction!

Yes, you heard me correctly.  I said *Violent Seduction* was having a sale!  This is a very rare occurrence, goth gals.  It’s a three day only sale on all of the new releases as well as a few of the older items.  Prices have been slashed to 50% or more.  That means you can get the recent releases Larceny, Valkyrie, Vile, and Zodiac for L$200 – L$250!  The fatpacks are now L$500, including the Zodiac pack – 12 dresses for L$500!  I picked up a few items to add to my collection.  There’s still one more day for the sale, which began Friday night.

First up, I nabbed Larceny in Monochrome.  This gorgeous outfit comes with three top options – covered, cheeky, and cheeky with pasties.  It also comes with two skirt options, a hat, spats, and mary janes.  OMG – a bargain at L$250!

Those spats are to die for!  The sexy little gartered stockings are delicious, too!  I took another photo set to show you some of the top options.  I decided against baring my boobs completely as I want to keep a pg rating today. It’s Sunday, ya know!

I also picked up the fatpack of the Valkyrie set – in both Pure and Death at half price.  Sooo happy! 🙂

This outfit is a steal because it comes with the shoes, the staff, batty wing doodads for your head, and a prim top with wings on the back.  Beware – this entire outfit is made of sculpted prims except for the stockings and the underbust corset.  If you are not handy at resizing prims to fit – beware.  Des has boobs.  This was not an easy outfit to photograph, ok?  But, if I can do it, so can you!  As I was saying, I also grabbed the Valkyrie in Pure….

The Pure version comes with just as many pieces as the Death version.  You get a cute little crown for your head instead of batty wings, though.  Did you notice that the included shoes have wings on them?  Too cute.  I did find this white version much easier to fit.  My mother, who used to sew a lot, always said that she hated making black clothes coz they were so hard on the eyes to work with.  I definitely agree with her now.

The notice sent out by Ikaru also said that any other dresses that were previously on sale will be deleted forever after the sale to make room for new stuff.  I believe she is referring to some of the older dresses that are on sale such as Pinstripe Lolita, Buttoned Down, and Pirate Lolita, to name a few.  I grabbed a few of those, but didn’t have time to do the pic’s, etc.

So, what have we learned today, goth gals?  Numero uno – get your pale butts over to Violent Seduction before the sale is over!  Numero dos – beware prim clothes if you haz bewbs.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 1:

Violent Seduction – Larceny – Monochrome

Hair – Curious Kitties – Group Gift – Frenzia V2 – Nyanotech 09-1B Hair (new)

Skin – Heartsick – Illusion – Adored- Alt Fair Preview – beautymarks/cleavage (new)

Outfit No. 2:

Violent Seduction – Valkyrie – Death

Skin – Heartsick – Illusion – Tease – Alt Fair freebie (new)

Hair – Curious Kitties – Amuyi V2 (Nyanotech 09-1B)

Outfit No. 3:

Violent Seduction –  Valkyrie – Pure

Skin – Heartsick (Mainstore  – Wish – Illusion – Ghosts – beautymarks/cleavage

Hair – same – tinted white using Nyanotech HUDs


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