Zombie Popcorn Hunt LOTD

I’ve been having lots o’ fun doing the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.  I’m *almost* finished it, too.  I’ve decided to do something unusual for me – unpack the items and go through them before I even finish the hunt.  I know if I wait until I’m finished the hunt, I’ll just start another hunt and never unpack the Zombie Hunt items.  So, as I opened my boxes, I started throwing things on and this LOTD is what magically came together.  Not bad, really, huh?

Yes, that *is* Des as a *blonde*!  My partner had one comment, which I’ll loosely translate into English for you.  “Hmmm, blonde, huh?”  At which point, I felt compelled to let him know that it was only temporary.  LOL.  I had to go blonde – this skin has a blonde hairbase – a fairly rare item!  Everything I’m wearing is from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.  I’ll let the details do all the talking.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Dress – A-Bomb – Zombie Popcorn Hunt dress with socks (Stop No. 5)

Head Zombie – Voodoo Baby – OMG! Zombeh! (Stop No. 2)

Boots – Ducknipple – Smug Boots – Black (Stop No. 12)

Skin – DeeTaleZ – April blonde smokey eyes 2 light with and without hairbase (Stop No. 6)

Tattoo – Para Designs – Clowin’ Around Black Light (Stop No. 55)

Hair – Exile – Sadie – blonde frost (Stop No. 68)


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