Angelwing Delights

Awhile back I found Angelwing, a store that sells Gorean outfits like silks and camisks, but also mainstream gowns, lingerie, and sexy outfits like the ones I’m showing you today.  Even better, Angelwing gives some of the best stuff away for free.  Case in point, this hot pink and black set, which came with the feathered pieces for the hair, arm, and wrist, the boots, and the earrings and necklace.  What a bargain!  I just love pink and black; add some feathers, show some skin, and I am *sold*!

The hair worn above is a new release from Kitsune Couture – a store that used to sell clothing, but now focuses exclusively on hair.  I really love her black hair textures.  The next outfit, “Hot Hot Gray” was last weekend’s offering, and while not free, still a bargain at only L$60 because it also comes with the gloves, boots and jewelry (bangles, necklace, and earrings). The hair shown is also by Kitsune Couture and is a real bargain right now.  It’s on secret sale for only L$10 per color pack and L$30 for the fatpack.  Just mouse over the ads and find it.

As you know by now, I’m so sad that Penny Dreadful Arcade is closing coz I LOVE their poses.  I’ve been having such fun shooting photos with the poses I bought at their closing sale recently that I just had to include the next one.

Angelwing has a Midnight Mania board and a Lucky Chair, plus various freebies lying around.  It’s well-worth a visit.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Photo One:

Outfit – (with earrings, necklace, hair feathers, wrist and arm bands, and boots) –  Angelwing – Spoilt Rotten set

Hair – Kitsune Couture – Sweetie – Onyx (new)

Skin – Amacci – Felicia – Milky – Pink, Ruby – HB Cleavage

Eyes – Bodyline – Gen2 Eyes – Frozen Water

Lashes – InSanity – Prim Lashes Normal (Car Wash 10L)

Tattoo – Paradisis – part of “I’m Not an Angel” outfit

Photo Set Two:

Outfit (with boots, bracelet, earrings, gloves, and necklace)  – Angelwing – Hot Hot Grey Set

Hair – Kitsune Couture – Lovely – Charcoal


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