Just Because I Love It

SL was being a complete butt-pain last night, so I didn’t get to photograph what I had intended to blog today.  I logged in and 30 minutes later, my inventory was still at only 1500 items of the 82,000.  Sigh.  Then I crashed.  Typical.  I hardly left my home; I just kept trying and trying to make SL work.  Sigh again.

So, today I’m bringing you an “oldie” but definitely a goodie.  Hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ released this dress in September, 2009.  How I missed it, I have no idea.   But a few weeks ago, when Hya released the Kurai Suite, I noticed the Ritual Suite in this lovely dark pink.

Hya is getting so good at drawing textures and designing elegant, ornate, Victorian/fantasy clothing that’s it damned near scary.  And this dress comes with a few bonuses, or as we say “lagniappe.”  You also get a belt (sort of a leather or satin cord) with a large, ornate, silver batwing thingy, worn around the waist; a rosary with a gothic cross  for your hand, and an ornate goblet with a holding pose (not shown).  And if that’s not enough, there’s a bonus lolita skirt included as well.  This outfit is actually a collaboration between Hya and October Rust, who made the goblet and rosary.  Calico Ingmann Creations created a special hairstyle named Brenna for it as well.  Here’s a closeup of the front and back, along with the rosary.

I love the delicate, metal vine filigree along the back – a true fantasy touch (how exactly *would* this corset stay on?? – shhhhhh… don’t spoil the fantasy!)  Look at that sculpted overskirt, too.

The skin I love, too.  Its’ the ATOMIC VIP Group Gift – a preview of the upcoming Fae in cream in VIP Pink makeup (previously blogged).  I want more of these skins!   I’m being really patient, but hurry, please!

Ok, I’m going to try once again to live my second life in a nice, calm, lag-free manner.  Wish me luck.  :/

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – ~silentsparrow~ – Ritual – Suite – Roses

Hair – Tiny Bird – Emma – Dragee (with color change flower)

Earrings – G-Field – Iris Fringe Gemstone Earrings (color change)

Skin – ATOMIC – Group Gift Prerelease – Fae – Cream – VIP Pink

Shoes – Grim Bros – Dragon Strength Heels – Pink


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