Lysandra by the Laughing Academy

The Laughing Academy has a lovely new gown – Lysandra.  Take a look.

The details are lovely – the little ruffly ribbons at the sleeves, bosom, hips, and back (derriere); little dark brown rosettes, a sculpty bustle skirt, and a prim underskirt with so many subtle colors that it was a challenge to GIMP.  I should have just scrapped the whole composite idea and gone back inworld to shoot it on location.  Trust me, the above pictures do *not* do it justice.

And, befitting a dress of this quality, you get *options* – you can wear just the lovely bone colored corset – with or without the chest ruffle (which also comes with multiple attachment points), and with or without the off shoulder sleeves.  You can wear the sleeveless jacket – with or without the off shoulder sleeves.  Or you can wear the long-sleeved jacket with the sleeve prims made especially for this option.  The corset, sleeveless jacket and long-sleeved jacket are wearable on all layers, too.

Lysandra does not come with shoes, but I found these Dirty and Old Victorian Court Shoes (hey, I’m not judging – that’s the *actual* name lol) for only L$50 at the Laughing Academy.  I’ve put one of the shoes against a backdrop of the textures of the skirt so you can get a better, unadulterated view of all the textures involved in this multilayered, multitextured design.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Dress – Laughing Academy – Lysandra

Shoes – Laughing Academy – Dirty and Old Victorian Court Shoes

Eyes – Shine – Silent Lucidity – Slate

Hair – Exile – Lydia – Coffee

Lashes – [glow] studio – Innocent – Smooth

Skin – LAQ – Kat (Fair) 01 Hairbase (with separate cleavage enhancer on undershirt layer)

Jewelry – ..::Genesis::.. – Damsel – Estelle Set (store now called Exodi; unsure of current availability)


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