Sale at Nightshade

Yesterday, I logged on to find one of those notices that come through local chat with only a landmark instead of a notecard – this time from Nightshade.  I *think* it said that Nightshade’s satellite store in Eliquiry is closing and there’s a closing sale.  The reason I’m not sure of the details is because my computer crashed before I could jot down the information.  *But* I promise you that there is, in fact, a sale going on at the Eliquiry location – the hair is L$50 per color pack, the older skins (shown here) are reduced to L$150, and many dresses are more than 50% off.  I know because I’ve had my eye on these outfits for months now and couldn’t afford them before. :))  Oh, and Nightshade has quite a few gothic outfits for men as well – also on sale.

So, first up is Nightshade’s Blacklist Animam Efflare dress in black.  This outfit comes with the beautiful silver gothic cross necklace, the tophat, and clothing on more layers than you can shake a stick at.  I love the distressed red fishnets that bring out the subtle red in the skirt.  The little prim skulls on the hat, sleeve cuffs, and collar are a nice touch, too.

I also had my eye on the Rapunzel outfit for awhile, too.  It was originally over L$700 – way out of my price range.  It is now L$300 – still not “cheap,” but quite affordable for the quality and originality of the design.  Check out Rapunzel.

All items worn with Rapunzel are from Nightshade as well – the gothic dolly shoes, the skin, and the hair, which comes with a silver hair adornment with color change bows.  (BTW, I know my hair is going through my bewbs; let’s just pretend we didn’t notice that, ‘k?)

I’m not even showing you the most beautiful part of this dress.  Do you see that little black bow on my hip?  It is primtastic!  It’s a bow with tiny pearls, lace, and chains.  I know because I had to reposition it, and I had a helluva time grabbing all the tiny prim parts. But it is really amazing.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 1:

Dress – Nightshade – Blacklist Animam Efflare – Sale location –

Shoes – Nightshade – Whimsy Walk

Hair – Tiny Bird – Breathe Me (A) – Licorice

Earrings- Perturb/ation –  Northern Cross

Skin – Zanzo – Reborn – Rose

Lashes – [glow] studio – Innocent – Smooth

Eyes – Shine – Silent Lucidity – Slate

Outfit No. 2:

Dress – Nightshade – Rapunzel White

Hair – Nightshade – Emilie – Snow (with hair adornment)

Shoes- Nightshade – Whimsy Walk

Skin – Nightshade – The Clan – Malkavian (F)


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