LOTD – Feeling Reddish

This is kinda sorta, but not really, a response to Luna Jubilee’s  Closet Cleanout Blogger Challenge posted here.  When I was looking in my recent items and trying on new things, I first threw on the ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau skirt.  Looking for more red things to complement it, I found the Aoharu Haiti Relief coat.  So far, not really “cleaning out my inventory” at all, right?  Ok… I need a skin with pretty red lips – the LeLutka Haiti relief skin, yes!   Ok.. nice, but my bewbs are hanging out.  Hey, didn’t I get some cropped tops at Sn@tch recently?  Sure did – and yay! there’s a red one!  Boots are definitely needed now.  Yes!  The red 2 Way Belt Laceups I picked up at the Anexx sale!  OMG .  I’m so happy! But, I need jewelry, too.  I search my 80,000+ item inventory (that’s right, I said *80,000+* items!)   for “carnelian” and omg – look what I found hidden in my “outfits” folder – a necklace that got deleted along with my entire jewelry folder during the Great Inventory Debacle of 2008.  What a “way back” for me – newbie me finds a great jewelry store – Shiny Things – and actually spends several hundred lindens on jewelry.  Awwwww.  I’m so glad I found this necklace – it really brought back memories.  So… that’s why this post is kinda sorta a response to the challenge.  LOL

The hair is a fairly new release from the fairly new store – Rezlpsa Loc – just please don’t ask me how to pronounce that store’s name.   It comes with a color change headband, which I’ve tinted black.  There’s another color of the hair in the lucky chair, too for all you lucky chair lovers/stalkers. Hope you like. :))

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Top – Sn@tch – Ribbed Halter – Red

Skirt – ~silentsparrow~ Chapiteau Skirt – Dumbo

Sweater – Aoharu – Tweed Feminine Coat – Red (Haiti Relief 50L Friday)

Eyes – Shine – Lustrous Argent

Lashes – [glow] studio – Innocent – Smooth

Boots – Anexx – 2 Way Belt Laceup Boots – Red

Earrings – EarthStones – Twisted Crystal – Carnelian

Necklace – Shiny Things – Very Long Triple Drop Chain – Carnelian (very old)

Hair – Rezlpsa Loc – Rachel – 11 pm


3 thoughts on “LOTD – Feeling Reddish

    • Thanks! I’ve often thought that my entire blog should be about things I find in my inventory that I forgot that I acquired. I really should just *stop* acquiring and organize my inventory. Over 80K and still growing! Help! 😀

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