Tyranny – Soothsayer, Nerd *Ahem*, and Piggies

Okies.  Just a few items I’ve gotten recently from Tyranny Designs.  Love that store – very imaginative items.  Cool build.  Little satellite store of Clawtooth by Clawtooth in the corner.  Your one stop shop for awesome clothes, skin, and hair. 🙂

First up, an outfit I picked up at the L$25 Tuesday sale recently that has a “soothsayer theme” going on.  Love these role-play style outfits.  This wonderful gift (yes, for all the stuff included, this was a gift!) came with the skin and scarf boots, too!  I’m also wearing two recent subscribo gifts – one from Nomine – the Little Drop of Blood Necklace, and one from Nightshade – the Emilie hair.

Yep with my trusty sash, I am ready to say sooth for you – i’ve got my book of ancient lore, my scrolls with all my notes, and my little bottles of mysterious ingredients from the alchemist’s.

Next up, a couple of items I picked up last night at Tyranny’s Red Tag Sale (most items 50% off).  After January 1st, these items will never be sold again.  (Tyr says she’ll be deleting them from her inventory and her hard drive.)  First is the Nerd F*cker in the teal shade.  This outfit comes with the shoes (with toilet paper stuck to the shoe lol), and the necklace.  Yes, you’re sure to be any nerd’s wet dream in this lovely outfit. 😉

One of the bracelets (right) is part of the free gifts  from Fresh Baked Goods – part of the Retrology sim’s sidewalk sale.   The left bangle is part of the holiday subscribo gift from A La Mood.  The hair is a “do” I picked up for L$10 at Magika – the sale ended today, but I’m sure you found the time to get over there before it did. 🙂

Finally, it’s time for a little *PIGGY*!  See?  That’s why I love Tyranny.   It’s a hot mini dress right?  But on the back – a piggy!  I say, why the hell not?

I’m also wearing the new gift from Sentou Youssei (Battle Fairy).  They’re changing subscribo systems, so if you go slap the new subscribo, you get these boots.  Yay!  The gorgeous necklace is a L$10 item from J and W Jewelers, found in the Ranena Olivier Couture shop (where I also found these furry green gloves for free, too.)  The skin worn in this set is Free Speerit’s latest group gift.  And the hair is free from Vixen – you get three red tones in both a bright and non-bright option (so 6 wigs total).  The wig is resize scripted as well.

Whew!  I don’t know how other bloggers do it!  It took me all damned day to do these three outfits. -_-;

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^ ), etc. *mwah*!

All the gory details:

No. 1:

Outfit – Tyranny Designs – 25L Holiday Gift – includes skin (Dinah in Fall – Wheat – Bare (3)); Hand Wraps, Skirt, with Scrolls and Bottles; and Scarf Boots

Necklace – Nomine – Little Drop of Blood Necklace – free subscribo gift

Earrings – a la Mood – subscribo holiday gift – Bantu Wood and Silver

Hair – Nightshade – subscribo group gift – Emilie – Blood

Eyes – Shine – Silent Lucidity -Slate

No. 2

Outfit – Tyranny Designs – The Nerd F*cker (teal) – with shoes and necklace

Right Bracelet – Fresh Baked Goods – Jelly Bean Silver Gem Bangle (free at Retrology)

Hair – Magika – Sour – Red D (L$10 sale)

Left Bangle and Earrings – a la Mood – subscribo holiday gift – Bantu Wood and Silver

Eyes and skin – same

No. 3

Dress – Tyranny Designs – Little Piggy Top – also a mini dress

Boots – Sentou Youssei (Battle Fairy) – new subscribo gift

Necklace & Earrings – J and W Jewelers – Kiss of Camalot Olive Saphire (10L)

Gloves – Ranena Olivier Couture (ROC) – Free Gift Green & Black Fur Gloves

Skin – Free Speerit – Group Gift – Maya Pale Prototype

Hair – Vixen – Ginger – Spice Light – Christmas gift in Holiday colors

Eyes – same


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