Christmas Prezzies from Dilly Dolls

Whooot Oriana’s back from renovating her store and sim and she has come bearing gifts. You really need to check out the lucky “chairs” she built.  They are to the right when you walk in the store.  Words fail me to describe how awesome it looks.  All I could say was “Wow!”  Before I start showing you the gifts, I had to grab this dress (a *steal* at L$100).  I must have missed this when it first came out, but it’s a lovely new-to-me frock,  called Shandi, in a lovely monochrome shade, which comes with optional lingerie beneath.  It also comes in many other colors.  The hair is a newer style from Nightshade called Lenore.

I’m also wearing one of the Dilly Dolls Christmas gifts, the Buckled Snowflake Dolly Pumps.  (Ignore the black straps above the pumps, I failed at removing the straps from the last pair of shoes I had on. O_0)

So, you want to see the gifts?  Ok, read on…….

First up is the latest Group Gift from Oriana.  It’s the light brown version of the Shandi dress and lingerie.  I’ve paired it with hair from analog dog in one of my favorite new ginger shades.  Also worn is the Fab Free Group’s gift from Heartsick – a lovely skin with green shadow and pink lips.  Join now!  It’s free and the group is being *showered* with gifts!

Want more?  Well, good, coz Oriana’s not finished spoiling you. 🙂  Here’s the Kawaii Koala Dress in Yellow.  This was fun to accessorize.  The outfit comes with the monster boots, too.

Still not finished!  There are also three different sculpted sweaters with scarves, funny hats, and Dakota plushies for you to hold – Santa, Reindeer, and Christmas Tree.

Phew!!  I have so much respect for bloggers like Whisper Swansong – how does she do it??!!

All details below…..

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!

Details (coz life is in the..)

Photo 1:

Dress with Lingerie underneath – Dilly Dolls – Shandi – Light Grey (sleeves not worn) – not free

Skin – Heartsick – Amor E Morte – Aether -Libertina Grimm

Eyes – Shine – Lustrous Argent

Earrings – Ear Candy – Silver Drop Earrings (old hunt gift)

Necklace – chuculet – ava – silver – pearly white dollarbie

Bangle (right) – chuculet – ava – silver dollarbie

Bangle (left) – Kunstkammer – Silver Rosary Strung Bead Bracelet (DSN 5/09)

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Buckled Snowflake Dolly Pumps (xmas gift)

Hair – Nightshade – Lenore – Silver


Photo 2:

Dress with lingerie – Dilly Dolls – Shandi – Light Brown – group gift

Hair – analog dog – Kelly – cherry

Skin – Heartsick – Illusion – Fab Free 8000 Members gift (join Fab Free and look in notices)

Eyes – same as above

Necklace – U&R Dogs – Partita Necklace (lucky chair) colorchange

Earrings – Duh! – Orange Agate Gold Dangles

Right Bangle – Something Different – Fire Agate Bead Bracelet (from the bowels of my inventory)

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Bows & Ribbons Dolly Pumps (colorchange) not new


Photo 3:

Dress, including boots – Dilly Dolls – Kawaii Koala Yellow Christmas Gift

Hair – analog dog – Kelly – copper

Eyes and Skin – same as above

Earrings and Necklace – Star Kindler – Star Green Gold/Atomic

Right Bracelet – DM Designs – Stone Dreams Cuff Bracelet

Left Bracelet – eLDee – Line bangles (green)


Photo 4:

All sweaters by Dilly Dolls


Xmas Dakota Reindeer Sweater – Christmas Gift

Shoes – Dilly Dolls – Buckled Snowflake Dolly Pumps – Christmas Gift

Leggings – *+*Jill*+* – part of Christmas group gift

Hair, eyes, skin, jewelry – same as above


Xmas Dakota Santa Sweater – Christmas Gift

Leggings – Duboo – Santa’s Gift Set 3 – Leggings 1 – available at the Black Market stall

Hair – analog dog – kelly – brown sugar

Eyes, skin, shoes, and jewelry – same as above


Xmas Dakota Tree Sweater – Christmas Gift

Leggings – Duboo – Santa’s Gift Set 3 – Leggings 3 – available at the Black Market stall

Hair, skin, eyes, jewelry, shoes – same as above


3 thoughts on “Christmas Prezzies from Dilly Dolls

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  2. First I want to say, thank you for the great post!

    I do however want to clarify, that the brown Shandi isn’t a group gift. Never has been. The current group gift, however, IS the yellow version of Kawaii Koala. This is a *DD* group exclusive, and is also limited edition! Also, the Xmas sweaters and dolls and the Snowflake Dollies are all, unfortunately, xmas gifts from last year. I have not had the time to make anything new yet, but I have something coming out later today to remedy that!

    Thank you again for the awesome post!


    • Thanks, Oriana! Sorry for the confusion. Maybe I won the brown Shandi in the lucky chair? My letter came up while I was there.

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