Heartsick Amor E Morte

As promised, I now bring you new skins from Heartsick (an adjunct of Burning Chrome, by the way) in the makeup range called Amor E Morte, or Love and Death.  Let’s get to the photos, shall we?

First, here are the options – you get a choice of cleavage or no cleavage, and two brow options – normal and gothy with little x’s.  This is the most goth tone, Soma, and the makeup is Lovesick for Mena.

Next, here is the free, yes *free* makeup available right now in three skin tones – yes, you get all skin tones!  They are (left to right) Illusion, Aether, and Soma, worn in the goth brow option.  They also come with the normal brow and with and without cleavage – all for free.

Next, here are four more makeup options, and again, I’m showing the Soma (lightest) tone here.  From left to right – Midian, Libertina Grim, Absinthe with Faust, and Nymphetamine (my personal favorite).  But what about the body, you ask?  Well…..

Here’s some bodyshots for you, showing the precious little beauty marks on the chest and butt – I *love* those little beauty marks on the butt!  Go ahead and click to make the pic larger, you know you want to!  See?  How freakin’ cute is that?!?  The skin is very soft and feminine and the shading is just wonderful.  This is from a person who *just started* creating skins!!  Amazing, no??  So, even if you’re not into goth skins, go check out Heartsick.  There is also another skin line there that is not so gothy.  The prices are amazing, too.  You’ll have to trust me coz I don’t remember the exact prices.  But they are extremely reasonable for the quality and options.  Wish list?  Yes, it’s Christmas, so I haz one.  Hairbase option next time, please?? *makes puppy eyes* 😀

Oh, one last thing…. the hair is by Clawtooth by Clawtooth and is on clearance sale right now at Tyranny’s store.  Everything else worn is not new, but I’ll give you the ‘tails anyway in case your inventory is as ginormous as mine – you might already have these items. 🙂

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!

Details Schmetails:

Hair – Clawtooth by Clawtooth – Somebody’s Lady – Black Beauty (on sale now at Tyranny location)

Bra – Amacci – Amore – Bordeaux Balconette Bra

Pasties – Forsaken –  tit nipply snowflake pasties (from last year’s snowball hunt on the Pulse sim)

Thong and Tiny Skirt- Ova Hauled – from Snow Kitty (last year’s holiday gift)


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