Mingo Closes Tomorrow *sad face*

Mingo is such a cute shop.  One of my all-time favorite free items came from there, too.  And it’s closing.  Tomorrow.  Real life has made keeping the shop too difficult, so everything is on sale for L$10 or less.  There’s also a free box of previously unreleased items, and the entire shop is for sale full perm.  Here are a few items I picked up at Mingo throughout the last year and recently.

The skirt, necklace, earrings, and lip piercing (the aforementioned favorite free item of all-time) are all from Mingo.  There are many more cute little skirts there, as well as necklaces, hair, and skin.  Did I mention everything is L$10 or less? 🙂  There are also tip jars set up around the shop.  If you can, please donate to help out.

If you like freckled skins (and this one in particular) you must run to Pulse – there are two gifts of free skins there now, plus other freebies including the pubic hair options for the skins.  I have to say, I *love* this freckled skin, and I have never found a freckled skin that “did it” for me.  It’s very natural looking with a wonderfully random smattering of freckles all over the body.

The knit  cap with hair is another fantastic  freebie from REDLIC.  After you grab it, click the previous or next freebie arrow and tp to another freebie location.  You can do this several times and pick up some nice freebies at various shops.

Although it’s not shown very well in these pics, the undershirt I’m wearing is the November Group Gift from Lingerie Boutique, and is still available.   It’s a lovely little white cami (they call it a corset) and panties set.  The December group gift is also out now – red lingerie befitting the Christmas season. 🙂 Activate your group tag and pay L$10 (so not *free* free but well worth it).

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Skirt – Mingo – flower kimono brown skirt

Lashes –[glow] studios – Bohemia – fab free messy eyelashes

Lip piercing – Mingo – croix pierce lip (my favorite!)

Boots – *RRS* -Desert Flower – Cactus Rose

Sweater – Nomine – Lamb Sweater – pink

Necklace – Mingo – Big couronne necklace – free – previously unreleased

Earrings – Mingo – pearl earrings – free – previously unreleased

Eyes – Shine – Silent Lucidity – Slate

Corset top – Lingerie Boutique – Leanne White Corset – group gift – november – still available (10L)

Hair – REDLIC – #039 – Knit Cap with hair – Cocoa Brown (freebie)

Skin – Pulse – Skin Surprise Pack gift – Climax/Tone 1 – Makeup 1 (freckled)


3 thoughts on “Mingo Closes Tomorrow *sad face*

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    • It’s on a table against the back wall, if I recall correctly. There are several boxes or bags, plus I believe you click the vendor sign behind the table as well. Good luck!

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