A Touch of Twilight

No…. stop looking for Edward Cullen and Company.  This is a different Twilight – much darker and more deadly.  Hee hee.   I saw this outfit on the feed yesterday and had to run to see it “in person.”  This is Twilight Visitor Faerie created by Meekal and AliciaKay Kilara of A Touch of Ireland – a new-to-me store.   Amazingly, they have been designing items and outfits in the 3D world for well over 10 years and in Second Life for the last 3 years, according to the notecard that is included in the folder.  That is a lot of experience!  And it shows in their creations.  Look for yourself…..

The textures on the skirt are amazing – very feathery to complement the wings.  But when you buy this outfit, you’re also getting some fantastic extras – the choker, the red nailpolish, the lacing on the legs with little bows – sure that’s expected.  But no, that’s not enough.  You also get the awesome wings *that drop temp rez feathers* and matching boots that are scripted to leave feathers behind as you walk, plus sexy walk and heel sounds (all adjustable via HUD).  Still not done!  No, you also get an apple to offer your victim (heh heh) *with a holding animation*.  Finally (phew! so much!) the outfit comes with eyes and skin (not worn, sorry).  All of this for the low price of L$350 – and that’s what I call a *bargain*!  (Note – the boots are included with the outfit for a limited time – so you may want to hurry over there.)

Here are a couple more shots.  I took these against a backdrop instead of my usual green screen because I didn’t want to lose a single  pixel of the texturing.  See the feather floating down?  🙂

Would you like a bite of my tasty apple?  or maybe you’d prefer to taste my lips….

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!


Outfit – A Touch of Ireland – Twilight Visitor Faerie – including Choker, nails, leg ribbons, boots (with sexy walk, heel sounds, and poofer – leaves feathers behind as you walk), dress, and wings that drop feathers, and apple with pose; also comes with eyes and skin, not shown

Undershirt (to show the jewels down the back) – GL Designs – Diamond Web Bra White – Onyx noir hunt item (old)

Hair – Zero Style – Prissy – Dark Chocolate

Skin – Zanzo Reborn – Maude

Lashes – Symphony Skins Sculpted Lashes (old hunt prize)


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