Nymphetamine Steampunk’d Me

I don’t wear much steam punk attire, but I appreciate the genre immensely.  The cogs, the brass, the steam, the flying ships.  Think H.G. Wells and his amazing time machine.  Did you know he was one of the first people to own a bicycle?  It was a new contraption back in his day.  Paeoti Pomeray of Nymphetamine has created a new steam punk ensemble, which it is my pleasure to show you today.  I must gush a bit over the *hat* – love it!  You don’t need to wear goggles or the typical monocle – it’s part of the hat. 🙂  And again, the skirt features that wonderful bustle that Paeoti does so well – oval layers of tiered fabric and rosettes surround your hips so lusciously.  (And big plus in my book – it needed *no* adjustment! We must have the same size hips.)  I’m also wearing the choker that Paeoti made to complement the dress, with its lovely spiderwebs of lace, ribbon, and metal.  And you can’t see them because they didn’t make the final cut in the photographs, but I’m wearing Grim Bros. awesome Vapor Vanity Luxury Steampunk Heels.  I’ve shown them to you before – they are the most amazing shoes *evah*.

And because this is a steampunk outfit, I did something I rarely do. I went “on location.”  This photo was taken at Tesla Isle inside one of the vehicles run by the titular Tesla coil, shown behind me.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), *mwah*!


Dress with Gloves; Hat; Choker – Nymphetamine – Torrid’s Penchant

Skin – LAQ – Lacie – 03 Milky Glow hairbase

Hair- Decoy – Zoey – Espresso


2 thoughts on “Nymphetamine Steampunk’d Me

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  2. Desiree 🙂

    Thank you for the beautiful write up about NYMPHETAMINE! We LOVE your photos and how you have presented suc a beautiful dress that Paeoti is very proud to have created!

    We go above and beyond to show our customers our appreciation to them and it makes us feel really great when we see that someone has taken time from their day to blog about what we have worked hard for!

    Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! 🙂

    -Stacy Maracas

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