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Hello, lovelies.  Content theft… it’s a ubiquitous word on the feed these days.  I’ve been wrestling with my thoughts lately.  Do I support the boycott or not?  Is it better to support my favorite designers or to boycott all sales to show that I don’t support stolen content?  Well, if you put it that way….. I *guess* it’s better to support my favorite designers.  Should I blog? or should I stay silent in support of the boycott?  I wanted to blog yesterday; hell, i was even upset that so many bloggers were posting yesterday.  Honestly, I spent yesterday organizing my inventory – supporting the boycott.  But today, as I read some very insightful blog posts, I have changed my mind.  It is better to support the designers.  If the designers want to boycott LL – create no content for a time – that’s their prerogative… they are sacrificing potential income to make a point, and I respect them for it.

Some say that education is the key – if people realized how much content theft hurts both the SL economy and the morale of the creative people who contribute to SL, maybe fewer people would support stolen content.  I think that’s a start.  My biggest issue, however, is not with those that steal content to resell – to make a linden. That’s despicable, true.  The motivation there is greed, pure and simple.  No, my issue is with people who copybot and *give away* – full perm – to anyone and everyone.  Why do these people do this?  It’s because they are anarchists.  They have no respect for others because they see SL as “just a game.”  They mock those of us who “take it too seriously.”  These people are completely unreachable by any education campaign because they know *exactly* what they are doing and why.

***** Rant off ********

Ok.. so here’s a little mashup for you.

Smashin Fashion Mash Up

I don’t usually do shots like this; yeah, I was fooling around with new background textures inworld.  Here’s a closer image:

Smashin Fashion Mash Up Close Up

Several of the items were free or on sale earlier, but they aren’t anymore. So this post is more for those of you who grab and grab and never stop to look and see what you’ve got.. lol… i used to be like that – acquisitive, remember? Mea culpa.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, lovin’ (^ ^), etc. *mwah*! unless you’re boycotting – then nevermind. 🙂

The ‘tails:
Wenchy Buckled Corset, Brown Pants, brown polka shirt, and half kilt –Smashin Fashion – Liar outfit  – 25L Tuesday
Boots – Decoy – Jully Boots – Cocoa Calf
Glasses – Crie Style (Guild of Crie) – Scioilto – shirogane
Hair – Truth – Morgan – night (25L retirement sale)
Bracelet – DECO – Gold Black Diamond Bangle
Shirt layer – Tyranny Designs – The Army Tramp – Grasslands
Socks – Doppelganger, Inc. – Button Me Up Desert Basin Socks – Olive
Skin – DCNY Lorelei Skin – Apricot 07 – with hairbase – (Halloween Bake Sale freebie) – freakin’ *gorgeous*!!
Earrings and necklace – EarthTones – Ambrosia Necklace and earrings (celistia/gold) – still available??
Watch – *Iced* Heart Watch – Gold (DSN)

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