I’m a Pink Pirate Pony!

Omg…. lol.  How silly/cute is this?

Pink Pirate Pony Composite

Ok, so there’s a story here, of course.  I’ll give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth.  (Go on, you may groan.)  I *bought* this gorgeous dress from Wishbox when it *first* came out in early August, after seeing it blogged by Achariya here, right?  Wore it around the grid, feeling all girly and piratey and whatnot.  Then, a few weeks ago (early October), a group message appears in Lucky Chair Stalkers – this very dress is now a Midnight Mania prize.  I shrugged my perky little shoulders – oh, well, now everyone can have it.

Times passes, and it’s still available in the MM.  People are having a harder time getting it because everyone already has it.  LCS group members are posting it, practically begging for people to come slap the board.  So, I’m nice (sometimes heh heh) and I go over to slap it.  Well, who should be hanging out, monitoring the MM board but a precious little pink pony wearing a girly little outfit (not this one).  I had to comment and tell her how ridiculously cute she was (shut up.. it’s a compliment lol). She was nice enough to pass me the LM to Vienna Freebies.  Yes, that’s right – it’s totally free!

Darksphere Creations makes foxes, horses of every color, kitty cats, puppy dogs, etc. – all free.  Not only that but these babies are packed with features.  For example, it comes with a customization HUD – you can change the markings – spots, etc., eye color, ear color, hoof color, and choose whether or not to wear horseshoes.  *And* it also comes with a control HUD – to make the ears move in different ways and to adjust the eyes – bigger or squinty or completely closed.  There are two different leg styles (bent and unbent), as well as a male and female body shape.  Think that’s enough?  No way!  You have a choice of 7 different mane styles, a toned or primitive body style, and 3 different skin patterns.  Whew!  Crazy, huh?  So, a big thank you to Wingless Emoto, who built and textured the avatars, and to Maldavius Figtree, who provided the scripting. So, ladies, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (*groan*), go get your own free furry avatar.

Also a big thank you to the sweet pink pony resident who gave me the LM and the idea for this “look.”  lol

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, loving (^ ^), etc. *whinnnnny*!

Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but here’s all the info:
Horse Pink freebie – Darksphere Creations Warm Blood Horse – Vienna Freebies –
Dress – Wishbox -Avast!  – MM prize!! A 500L dress free! Thank you Wisp Jinn!

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