I’m going batty!

Yeah, sorry.  I just couldn’t resist.  lol  Check me out….. I’m a batty goth girl. 😀

Scribble Ladybug Dress Composite

Ok, I really don’t remember how I heard about those shoes/boots.  Probably a much better blogger than I am posted it.  Anyway, if you haven’t gotten them yet, you better go.  It’s still the Midnight Mania prize at Vignette and they are witchy poo awesome. 🙂  The hair is a Rotten Toe group gift – it was available previously at Zombie Fest (which I missed – dammit!)  The glasses (which are a bit too small for my wide face and are not modfiable – grrr) were the Magic of Oz anniversary prize from Crie Style, which makes glasses and monocles to *die* for, btw.  And the dress – yeah, it’s free, *and* it has cute little ladybugs on it – what more could you possibly ask for?? It’s one of many Lucky Board prizes at Scribble.  The board only has a 5 minute timer, so go!  I picked up the other items worn from various Halloween themed hunts.  So, nothing I’m wearing, other than the skin costs more than a linden.  Yay!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, loving (^ ^), etc.!  *mwah*!

The Skinny:
Dress – Scribble – Ladybug (LB dress)
Earrings and bracelet – edge grafica – crooked heart hoops/bracelet
Skin – Zanzo – Reborn – (Pure)
Shoes – Vignette – Witchy Poo Boots (MM)
Hair – Rotten Toe – group gift – Zombie Hair
Glasses – Crie Style – Emerald City Glasses (Magic of Oz hunt gift)
Necklace – Balderdash – Strange as Angels Necklace (Magic of  Oz Hunt prize)
Nailpolish – Sn@tch – Nail Candy (Orangy) – part of Trick or Treat freebie
Batty Wings and Ears – Weezles – Halloween Hunt at Necrosis Noctis (Nightshade)

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