Still Crazy After All These Years…..

I love Paul Simon… since I’m showing you another outfit from Crazy, this song just popped into my head.  lol  Anywho…. yesterday I showed you a sexy black outfit from Crazy.  Today I have a completely different look for you.  This one just screamed loudly to be accessorized for Halloween.  So, I added a few items that I found at the Gacha Gacha Halloween Festival at StormWind.  I received a notice from Perturbation about it last weekend.  I’m sure it’s still going on.  There are several cute freebies to grab, including a pumpkin soup set – tray, cookies, plate, and pumpkin seedling,  plus a pair of Halloween dolly shoes on special for L$50, and last but not least, the L$30 Gacha Gacha machine.  It’s a very cute little Halloween Fair, too.

So, here’s the outfit I threw together….

Crazy Western Halloween Composite

Lookee lookee!  I figured out how to make a frame around my pic!  Yeah, I suck at GIMP, but I want to learn!  The Crazy outfit comes with boots, but I wanted to show you the Halloween dollies from Perturbation.  Check out the whip –  cool! hee hee.  The scarf  (mmmmm love it!)  is a freebie from Clematis at the Halloween Festival.  The bracelet matches the shoes (and I’m also wearing matching earrings, but they’re hidden under the hair) and is also from Perturbation and is completely *free*!  whoot!  I found the cute glasses that make me look so intelligent (lol) free at C’est Moi, a tiny little shop with some quirky little items.

Ok, before I go, I must give you a quick review of this outfit from Crazy.  I love the style.. I love the concept, however, I must say that the execution is not perfect.  Yes, it is a hundred times better than I could have done coz I can’t build *at all* (lol), but I don’t want people being upset with me if they buy it and see the imperfections.  So, in the interests of caveat emptor (that’s buyer beware, sillies), I feel i must tell you that the skirt has problems.  The prims are not quite finished at the top where the white skirt prims meet the orange ruffle prims of the shirt.  The white prims stick out and you have to be careful how high you wear the skirt.  They are messy and uneven.  *But* I love it anyway.  Also, there is a second version of this outfit at Crazy with a black top and brownish skirt.  Again, I love the concept here, but please don’t buy if you demand perfection in your prim work.  kk?  Plus the price is very reasonable for everything that comes with this outfit (boots included, hello?)

Hope you enjoyed, kiddies …. Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, loving (^ ^), etc.  *mwah*!

The Skinny:
Skirt and Top with Shorts, Belt (and whip lol) – Crazy – West Outfit
Glasses – C’est Moi – See My SL (freebie)
Skin – Laqroki – Lacie 01 (Milky) Glow skin  (hairbase) (see last few posts for LM)
Bangle and earrings – Perturbation (P/a)  Halloween freebie
Gloves – AV Vlodovic – part of Nightmare Hunt outfit
Hair – Exile – Maren -duskwood
Scarf – Clematis – stole – Halloween freebie
Shoes – Perturbation – Trick or Treat -L$50 Halloween special

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