I feel Crazy!

Helloo, ghoulies, ok… so i saw on a blog a cute freebie dress at a store called Crazy.  I had to search for the LM coz the post wasn’t actually featuring the dress, right?  So, off I go…. omg!  what a great store!  Very reasonable prices, quite a bit of stuff, and a room full of cheapies upstairs, including a 15 minute camping chair for some killer boots.  So, this is one of the items I snagged at Crazy.  (No, it’s not the same one I saw blogged earlier.)  It just screamed to be teamed up with some KOSH past and present freebies.  I do so love KOSH and appreciate enormously the weekly freebies there.  Thanks, KOSH!

I must admit that I had to have this outfit from Crazy because of the seriously ripped up stockings.  See?

Crazy Black Nightmare

And I love how well the KOSH Dealer Hair matches, with the little black knit cap built in.  Can you make out that odd “backpack” I’m wearing?  Well it’s a black box with a dead tree and a graveyard scene on top.  LOL  It’s the weekly freebie/dollarbie at KOSH – yes, it’s unisex. 😉  Trust me, it’s really cool.. you should go see it.  The black and white bangles are another of my present favorite things – from a store that’s kind of hard to find called Edge Grafika.  I’ll try to showcase that store a little better soon. It has lots of freebies, dollarbies, and very reasonably priced otherbies… 😉  You can find them on xstreet, too; just search for edge grafika, you lazy peeps.  😛

Ok, ghoulies, happy hunting, gathering, shopping, loving (^ ^), etc. *mwah*!

The Scoop:

Dress – Crazy – Black Nightmare
Bracelet (left) – Edge Grafica – 37 bracelet
Bracelet (right) – Aluinn – Black and Silver Deco bracelet (freebie)
Hair – KOSH – Dealer Hair – Crow (former freebie)
Skin – Laqroki – Lacie 03
Boots – Crazy – Grow Boots (15 minute camp item)
Halloween Tree Backpack – KOSH – present weeky freebie
Sock laces – Blue Blood – Ariadne outfit (leftover from the last outfit – coz I like em lol)

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