Le Petit Prince Reborn

Hello, loverlies.  Over the weekend, I spent hours doing the Summer Choice 2009 Creators’ Stamp Rally.  This was my first time doing it, and I’m so glad I did.  It was really fun.  I had never done it before because I didn’t quite understand it, but it’s actually quite simple.  I’ll tell you how to do it in my next post, coz this one is going to be kinda long.  Anyway, I thought I’d show you some of the things I bought in my quest for the Stamps, while also showing my favorite new skins – Zanzo’s Reborn gothic skin line. 

So, first, let’s talk about the skin.  Yesterday, I showed you the Rose makeup; today, I’m wearing the makeup called “Edna” – lol.  I admit that I mostly buy skins for the face/makeup.  If I don’t have to edit my avatar’s face to make the skin look good, I’m very happy.  The Reborn skins make me look like me, so it was a no brainer to nab them.  The price tag of L$600/makeup wasn’t bad either.  That is definitely on the inexpensive side as skins go.  So, obviously, I love the face/makeups on these skins.  But, how do I feel about the body on the Reborn skins?  Well, the chest, back, tush, and arms, I think are lovely.  The abdomen I feel is a bit harshly shaded, and the knees (which I realize are hidden in these pics) are a bit “bony,” and not to my taste.  Another oddity is the nails – the skin comes with black nails painted on (which I really don’t mind).  If you’d rather wear a different color, you’ll have to wear your other nails on a glove layer.  Overall, however, I’m very pleased with the Reborn skins.  I have a difficult time finding a goth skin that I love, so the positives of these skins significantly outweigh the negatives.

Ok.. back to the outfit.  The hair is a Stamp Rally purchase from ::69:: – the Happy hair.  ::69:: was kind enough to set every item in the store as a Stamp Rally item.  That means that if you purchase any of their gorgeous hairs, you’ll get a Stamp Card.  Yay!   But you’re wondering about the lingerie?  Well, on the last stop of the Stamp Rally, I tp’d to Le Petit Prince  and saw several things I liked.  Unfortunately, not all of them were designated items for the Stamp Rally.  (grrrr)  After way too much thought, I settled on this lingerie called coquettishly “Pourquoi Pas” (“why not?” in French).  I loved the colors and the little flower appliques.  Mmmmm.

Anyway, the montage for your viewing pleasure…..

Le Petit Prince Reborn


Finally, the flowers among which I am standing are another Creators’ Stamp Rally purchase – from iTutu – one of the lease expensive items you can purchase and still get a Stamp Card.  Yay!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc.  *mwah*!

More Details:
Lingerie:  Le Petit Prince – Pourquoi Pas
Hair – ::69:: – Happy – Pearlstrawberry
Skin – Zanzo – Reborn – Edna
Shoes: Saki Galiazzo Shoes (SKG Shoes) – Slingback Pumps V2- fuschia
Earrings:  EarthStones –  Beaded Fringe Earrings – Carnelian/Citrine
Necklace: EarthStones – Starburst Necklace – Carnelian/Gold
Flowers (copiable – yay!) – iTutu

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