I’ve Been Violently Seduced!

Hey!!! It’s *you*!!! I’ve been waiting for you!!  Come on in, please!  Welcome to my little, tiny, miniscule blog.   Ok, I hope I’ve made you feel welcome since your curiosity brought you here. 🙂

Yes, I’ve been violently seduced, my friends.  And the victim is not my erstwhile maidenhood, but my linden balance! ‘Tis gone, ’tis gone. lol  But I have no regrets, oh no!  Just look at what I’ve gotten in return. Absolutely stunning dresses with extras like shoes, a mini top-hat, or a parasol.  And the skirts…. omg, the skirts are delicious  – so wispy and ….. ummm….. hooped on one, big, sexah bows on the other.  So, if you were expecting another freebie post from moi, let me tell you – not a damn thing I’m wearing in these pic’s was free.

I've Been Violently Seduced!


I've Been Violently Seduced!

Violent Seduction is one of the amazing shops in the Hotel Munster – a place that is to die for. 😉  The atmosphere is wonderfully spooky and dilapidated, and with the Rezzable sims going bye bye (*succumbs to another crying jag*), we are in desperate need of spooky and/or dilapidated in SL.

Btw, did you notice the shadows in my GIMPing?  Did ya?? I hope you didn’t coz that means I did it right.  lol  Anyway, a huge shout out to Ryker Beck for her GIMP/Photoshop Tutorials – see them here.  *facepalm*  omg, I can’t believe how easy that was!!

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*!


Outfit No. 1:
Dress, Hat, Umbrella, and shoes – Violent Seduction – Pinstripe Lolita
Hair – Nightshade– Lenore Grimm – Moonlight
Skin – Celestial Studios – Pure – Vamp –  Seduce
Eyes – Miriel – Snow
Tattoo – Marlys – Zaara’s Wings
Earrings – Violet Voltaire – Gutter Glitter
Outfit No. 2:
Dress – Violent Seduction – Quoth the Raven
Eyes and Skin- same as above
Hair – Exile – Lolita – twilight
Necklace & Earrings- Violet Voltaire – Girl Germs Set – Cameo Gargoyle
Boots – Adam n Eve– Beatrice – Black
Note – items without slurls – those shops “ain’t dere no more.”  (If you’re from the Big Easy, you know what that means.)  I do know however, that many of Violet Voltaire’s  items can now be found at katat0nik’s main store and on xstreet.

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