Sweet, Sweet *Sugar*

Hellooo, loverlies.  Desiree’s back.  Today/tonight, etc. (depending on your time zone), I have another cool store to show you. I once again have to thank Lucky Chair Stalkers for the heads up about this one.  Thanks, Stalkers, you rock!  I found this store when someone is LCS called for everyone to come and slap the Midnight Mania board there. 

The store is *sugar* and all the outfits I’m showing you today are currently free. *Sugar* also has some awesome cosplay outfits as well as some animé art. This first outfit, Beckie,  is the Midnight Mania prize, which I think is *hot* – omg, I didn’t want to take this one off! It comes complete with the awesome, tongue-flap-open boots, too.  Unfortunately they are no mod, so yeah, they do seem a bit large on my tiny feet.  Warning – if you’re modest, the outfit as boxed will definitely show your bum as you walk, as it’s angled up in the back.

Sweet, Sweet *Sugar* 

Next up is one of the two lucky chair prizes. This one is called simply “Filament” and it’s a feathery flapper dress.  Three layers of feathery fun give it that flapper movement.  It also came with the shoes shown, as well as a bangle (not worn). 

Sweet, Sweet *Sugar* 

Lastly, here’s an outfit called White Queen, and it’s the gift item for the Through the Looking Glass Hunt (No. 69).  This outfit also includes a crown, bracelet, and shoes, which I’m not wearing, as well as a cute butterfly tattoo, which you can see a little better in the Filament picture.  Very generous!

Sweet, Sweet *Sugar* 

The hair in the second and third photos is my favorite of Adam n Eve’s new hair line (lol hairline), named Ozzy.  Saschi Vixen, the creator, tells me that she named it after a faithful customer who surprised her with a rezday gift recently.  Awwwww, isn’t that sweet?  This one is available at the main store, too, so if like me you’ve been avoiding Hair Fair, you can still get a lovely new “do” without having to brave the lag.  All of Saschi’s new hairstyles are worth checking out, by the way, as she’s recently redone all of her hair textures.  I’ll be showing you Ozzy in more colors soon, cause her blondes are gorgeous, too, and you know how picky I am about my blondes.

Finally, the jewelry I’m wearing in photo no. 2 is from LacieCakes.  I received the earrings as a DSN (Designers Showcase Network) gift and loved it so much that I had to TP over and buy the necklace.  They are color change (HUD driven).  There are some lovely bargains in LacieCakes’ sale and retirement areas, too.  Just take a left when you go in and you’ll see the two alcoves with the bargains.

Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*

Outfit Details:
Note:  Skin worn is my usual skin from Celestial Studios.
Outfit No. 1
Dress, Boots, etc. – sugarBeckie – MM prize
Hair – Vixen HairGlimmer – recent dollarbie
Outfit No. 2:
Dress – *Sugar* – Filament – LC dress, includes shoes
Butterfly tattoo – sugar – from White Queen outfit
Necklace- LacieCakes  – Elis
Earrings – LacieCakes – Elis – DSN
Hair – Adam n Eve – Ozzie – silver
Outfit No. 3:
Dress – *sugar* – White Queen – Through the Looking Glass Hunt (#69)
Bracelet (left) – The Divine black & white diamonds, platinum & leather – creator unknown
Bracelet (right) – Double Black/White Diamond bracelet – creator unknown
Hair – Adam n Eve – Ozzy – charcoal
Earrings – DarionMonkee Designs – Demetra Earrings – Silver (DSN gift)
Shoes – Adam n Eve – Bien Fait – Snow (available only on xstreetsl)

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