Gushing Blue Blood

Ewwww, what a title, huh?  Well, if you’re reading this, you are one of one or two readers who actually come to my main blog and don’t just read my shortened versions on and the feeds.  I Love You!!  Leave me a comment. I’m so lonely. 😉

Anyway, on with it…. I’m here today, as promised, to bring you several selections from Blue Blood, all of which are free or almost free.  But first, I must digress (as I always do) to say that I found this store in my early pseudo-goth days and was thunderstruck.  I felt like I had hit the gothic mother lode! And during that very first trip, a D came up on the lucky chair!  I was hooked.  I remember spending quite a few lindens that day.  Alas, I think most of those outfits are gone, another casualty of the Great Inventory Nom of 2008.  I haunt the Lucky Chair there every now and then, but a few days ago I decided to join the group (L$50 fee) because it really is one of my favorite stores and I wasn’t getting any notices of new releases, etc.   When I joined, I got a message saying to send Ghanima a notecard with one’s name and she would send a group welcome gift. So, in my notecard, I gushed as I always do, and also pouted that I hadn’t won the Midnight Mania dress yet, despite begging, cajoling, and generally annoying the hell out of Lucky Chair Stalkers for several days.  I also mentioned that I blog (*cough cough*) lol   So, sweet Ghanima sends me the group welcome giftie (a cool gothic scepter thingy), *and* the Midnight Mania dress, with an IM saying I could blog it “*wink*”.  I *squee’d* with glee and IM’d her back promising to blog it. 

So, first up is the Midnight Mania prize, Dark Sweetheart, and I *love* it!  I felt the need for a prop and the Violet Emitter from Lemania’s “Violets are Blue” outfit came in handy.  The hair I’m wearing, one of my favorites, is from Amrita.  Unfortunately, Amrita is yet another gone pecan.  I tp’d and flew around for almost an hour looking for the store, but alas, it seems to have disappeared off the grid.

Gushing Blue Blood


But I’m not done yet, oh no.  Lot’s more to show you.  Next up is this gorgeous emerald green dress – Blue Blood’s gift for the Storybook Hunt going on now – look for the open book, and if you get too tired, just take a rest among the bunnehs. 😉  It has cool little grommets and laces on the skirt to which my craptop’s graphics card does not do justice.  I’m wearing boots that don’t quite match perfectly coz they’re Christmas boots (just ignore the tiny poinsettia on the toes), but I love Ztique’s footwear.  If you love it, too, you should know that they’re having a 50% off sale right.  The skin is my new favorite – a subscribo gift from Coquette called Celeste “Kat” which I’m wearing in the fair tone (as usual).  It has cute little stars tattooed around the left eye and temple.  🙂  I checked out the rest of the Celeste skins, and they’re fantastic; as soon as I have some lindens, I’m going back.  They are very reasonable – L$495 per makeup or L$1485 for a four pack of makeups in one tone.  Who knew Coquette made skins?!


Gushing Blue Blood

But wait, that’s not all!  Next is Blue Blood’s Fantasy Faire gift (I hope it’s not over yet). It’s the same dress as the last one, but in a different color.  Yummy!   I’m wearing hair that I picked up at Junwave – Delila (not free, but only L$80 for a single color).  There’s also a dollarbie messy updo there now, too, in a really pretty reddish brown color.  I’m also wearing Fantasy Faire gifts from Aluinn (the Ornate and Black Pearls bracelets), and Tekeli Li (the Lantern Earrings, which are color change, which you can’t really see under my hair, but trust me they’re da bomb).  The necklace is a VIP Hunt Luxury Lounge gift from  Pretties…by JB, and the boots are another pair from Ztique.  Do you notice anything different about me in these pic’s?  Yup, I’m wearing a different shape (finally).  It’s also by Kirei Shapes, but this one is called Emma.

Gushing Blue Blood

Finally, here are the current Lucky Chair prizes – the PlaidStars dress.  It’s available in the chair in (I think) seven colors, but I’ve only been lucky enough to get these three (so far) – purple, pin, and lime green (left to right). The outfit includes the arm warmers and leg warmers, which I’m not wearing because I love my First Flower boots too much to remove them. 🙂  Oh, and if you hate waiting for your letter to come up, you can buy the fatpack for only L$200 – a very good deal.

Gushing Blue Blood 

There’s also a Vendor Support Month item there for L$10.  It’s actually very ungothlike, too, if you’re not into goth.  Well, I hope you enjoyed my homage to Blue Blood, along with my ramblings.  😉  Happy hunting, gathering, shopping, etc. *mwah*

Outfit Details:
Outfit No. 1:
Dress:  Blue Blood – Midnight Mania Dark Sweetheart Dress
Violet Emitter – Lemania Indigo – part of “Violets are Blue” outfit
Boots – Envy Designs – Goth Boots purple
Hair – Amrita – High prim hair – Skuld – Silver (can’t find inworld)
Eyes- Miriel – Snow
Shape – Kirei – Mary (edited)
Earrings – Unique Needs – Amethyst Heart Necklace – silver (Easter 2008 freebie)
Earrings – Violet Voltaire – Cherub Wings Earrings – Black/violet (Bunny Hop hunt gift)
Outfit No. 2
Dress – Blue Blood – Storybook Hunt Gift
Necklace, Earrings, Right Bracelet – Eclectica Victoriana in jade (bloggers week gift)
Left Bracelet – Moontan – jade bracelet
Boots – Ztique  – All Wrapped Up, Green (Holiday Gift)
Skin – Coquette – Celeste – Fair – Kat! (group gift)
Shape – Kirei – Mary (edited)
Hair – Maitreya – River – Charcoal
Outfit No. 3:
Dress- Blue Blood – Fantasy Faire Gift
*Hair – Junwave – Delila – Black
Shape – Kirei  – Emma
Skin – Coquette – Celeste – Fair – Kat – Group Lovin Gift (subscribo)
Boots – Ztique  – Viva La Gigi – black (50% sale going on now)
Earrings – Tekeli-Li – Lantern Earrings – Fantasy Faire gift
Bracelets – Aluinn  – Ornate and Black Pearls bracelets – Fantasy Faire Gift
Choker – Pretties…by JB – Eel Glass Choker – Keys to the VIP Hunt, Luxury Lounge Gift
Outfit No. 4:
Dresses – Blue Blood – PlaidStars Lucky Chair Dresses (Pink, Purple, and Lime Green)
Choker – Otaku Designs – Gothic Choker for Twisted Hunt
Boots – First Flower – Valerian Girls – Black
Skin – Coquette – Celeste -Fair – Kat
Shape – Kirei  – Emma
Hair – Junwave – Delila – Black

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